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Title: The Egyptian Queen and her Slave (Uri & Omega Saber)
Post by: Omega Saber on May 16, 2018, 06:42:18 am
It was a rather cold morning and Maarten, who had just arrived at the research lab, would prepare himself for another day full of dull history research. "Oh god. I'm glad when this is over.", he thought, looking around if the professor was there, but before he could call him he recieved a message on his smartphone with the notification that the professor would arrive later today due to a very importnant meeting with his colleagues. "Great. Looks like Í've got to do everything myself this morning. Now where was I?", he said to himself, turning on the computer while gathering all the documents which he wrote for his research. He was glad that he had finished most of his reports and opening his main document, he noticed that that there was only one age of the Egyptian history for which still had to make a report of: The age of Horus. In this age, Egypt was ruled by a queen who was so beautiful that even women would fall in love with her. Yet of course, this was a rumor but still the thought that such a gorgeous queen had ruled one of the greatest empires of its age made this last research quite interesting.

After an hour has passed, Maarten decided to get some tea but then he noticed that one of the books he had used were missing and quessing that he had left it home he walked over to the bookshelf at the back of the room but before his hand would reach for another copy he then saw a weird stair which went down and somehow, he was very curious what would lead him there and walking downstairs he would find himself in a rather dark basement, making him unable to see anything around him. Using the flashlight app on his smartphone he then finally found a light button and turning on the lights he then shocked a bit as right before his eyes, he would see a huge machine which was covered with a long black blanket.  “Whats this?”, he thought curiously, carefully removing the blanket and the device now being revealed made him be all confused, but thinking that its just a mainframe which is used for storing large amount of data he decided to turn on the machine as he thought that it might be usefull in case this ‘mainframe’ has any details to provide which he could use for his research.

And once he turned it on, a small blue screen appeared but instead that it would show him a main menu, all he saw was a question what date he wanted to enter and quickly entering a random date in which Horus had ruled Egypt he pressed on enter, thinking that the ‘mainframe’ would provide him any information or related documents from the date which he had entered. But before he could notice what happend, the machine suddenly began to light up, making a huge noise and as the light blinded his eyes he quickly  covered them and within a few seconds he suddenly dissapeard, his tea cup falling on the ground, the shards being spread all around the machine.

Once looking up he then noticed that everything was dark again, but this time however, the ground suddenly felt different and smelling a weird air he used his flashlight app on his smartphone again to see where he was but but then he would  saw hieroglyphs written on walls “W-what happend? Where am I?”, he said to himself, trying not to panick and quickly searching a way out of here, he then had increddible luck as he suddenly saw a light and stepping out of the pyramids entrance he could not believe his eyes as before him he saw a sandy area and looking behind him he then almost went in shock as he realised that he had been inside of a huge pyramid. “What. You’ve got to be joking!”, he yelled out loud, being somehow glad that he wasnt that far from the entrance as he knew very well that people who would be lost into a pyramid has a small odd to ever escape alive and now he thought about it, it was a good thing too that the battery of his smartphone wasnt empty as he could never had find a way out in the dark. Trying to calm himself he tried to think of what he should do but then he heard footsteps as not from him he saw what appeard to be an army troop which was marching around the area and trying to hide himself, he stepped into the pyrimads entrance, hoping that the troops wont see him.

Title: Re: The Egyptian Queen and her Slave (Uri & thebluedragon)
Post by: Uri on May 16, 2018, 03:22:41 pm
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Queen Horus, a deity whom was born as a Priestess to rule under the God of Horus. Named after the God, the woman was treated as a Queen by her followers and soon after she had reached the 'mature' age in that era she had been crowned the Queen of Egypt out of the popularity vote since Royalty had died off due to sickness.. Under her rule was one of the best centuries of Egypt despite the bias look of women not being able to hold power. Horus proved it could be done, she held Egypt with a strong fist, and looked like a Goddess herself while doing it. Feared, and Loved. The Queen was a legend herself. However, all rumors were simply rumors in this day of age. Horus was mostly forgotten due to the pyramids holding her story being mostly destroyed due to destruction of man. Jealousy, as well as wanting her story too be erased. The Queen was lost mostly in the void. All that was left was small bits of inscriptions on sandstone from pyramids dedicated to the Queen.

Upon the future boy finding himself in her Era. Out of seer ..unluckiness. He found himself in a heavily guarded pyramid which was only to be visited by Horus herself. Restricted, punishment would be given by Horus herself to those whom did not heed her warning or the warning of her guards. It was a pyramid Horus herself had built for her future ..tomb. Her legacy already beginning to be sketched into the walls in their language and pictures the one way they could. Inscriptions of hieroglyphs. Visiting here was off limits due to privacy only people she wished to see or write her story were allowed there. Due to his luck, he was not deeper in the maze, however, he could already hear the steps of guards outside the Pyramid. He would try to hide, but he was spotted.

Words were spoken, frustration, building in the voice since he could not understand the language at first. However, due to the machine.. he would begin to understand the woman whom was yelling into the Pyramid. "Exit At Once! You Are Trespassing!" simple order as six guards stood outside the mouth of the entrance. Awaiting for him to show himself.

"He's wearing weird clothes.." one of them stated in a slight mutter to the others.

"Not important, he's trespassing.. the Queen will see to his punishment." the one whom was yelling snarled. Causing the one whom stated the obvious to slightly just..shrug.

Upon him coming into the open he would notice the guards were all ..women. Dressed in Egyptian clothes which was very.. exposing as well as not armored since in this era it was hard to come by armor that was fitting and comfortable under the hot sun. But the swords they held were oddly shaped and indeed sharp enough to do damage if needed to be used. A few of them had spears, while most of them had these odd looking crescent looking blades.

"Explain yourself!" the one aggressive growled wanting to know why he was trespassing to also report to Horus herself of his exact reason in case he tried saying otherwise.
Title: Re: The Egyptian Queen and her Slave (Uri & thebluedragon)
Post by: Omega Saber on May 16, 2018, 06:02:21 pm
Still hiding himself inside the mouth of the entrance, Maarten suddenly heard that the footsteps went closer and being more scared that they will find them he took a few steps back, but then he heard an angry voice speaking out of the entrance and as his heart began to race, he realized that he was found and as he walked slowly out of the pyramid he raised his hands and said: “I’m so sorry! I didnt mean to…”, pausing for a moment as he was surrounded by six persons who would point their weapons at him, but…. they all appeared to be woman?!

“What?”, he thought by himself. “These guards are women? Whats with their clothes and why do they have such old weapons instead of guns? What in the world is going on here?!”, he thought, being rather stunned now but hearing that the queen would punish him he said: “B-but I’m not from here! And I dont know how I got here!”, his being all scared what they would do with him but staring at the guards, he felt slightly sexually attracted to them as they look very beautiful, their exposing clothes making them even look hot.

Quickly paying attention to the leader he didnt knew where he had to start, but stuttering he explained: “I-I really dont know. I was doing a history research at a proffesor in London and beneath a basement, I found a weird machine and once I activated it, I suddenly got transported inside the pyramid. Do you know where I could call someone for help?”, showing her his smartphone but as he turned to be very unlucky now, the battery of the device was empty.

Title: Re: The Egyptian Queen and her Slave (Uri & thebluedragon)
Post by: Uri on May 17, 2018, 01:00:15 am
The six women stood there, watching as the man in weird clothing walked out with his hands up in the air. They gave him weird looks, the one girl was right. He did wear weird clothing. Seeing that he seemed to be just as confused as they were. They begun to talk among themselves quietly. The one whom had yelled out angrily was also taken back a bit as he explained that he was not from here. "Clearly from your.. clothes. You are not. However, London? Where is that? ..ugh, nevermind." she would ask curiously but then dismiss it. He was speaking Egyptian, he simply wouldn't know it. He was able to communicate and understand perfectly. It simply sounded like every word was in English.

However, there was thing evident to the women. He had a different accent. Despite the easily made translation. He still would have an accent.

"History.. research?", "Basement?", "Weird ..Machine?", "Call someone?", and "What is that?" these words would escape the women whom clearly believed this man was crazy as he continued talking and then shown them a weird device.. a handheld one from the looks of it. The leader seemingly growing annoyed by the peanut gallery. She put her hand up, "ENOUGH!"

Her hand would lower as the five others took control over their own curiosities and looked at him with a stern look. "You are coming with us, or you will die here by my sword. Queen Horus does not accept people intruding within her ..uh.. Personal..Pyramid. You may plead your innocence to her as she judges you!" she waved him to come down to them to be arrested and taken to Horus.
Title: Re: The Egyptian Queen and her Slave (Uri & thebluedragon)
Post by: Omega Saber on May 17, 2018, 05:58:42 am
“What?! They dont know even know where London is?”, he thought as he cleared his throat and suddenly he noticed that he actually spoke their language. “How is that possible? Perhaps this is just all a dream?”, he thought again, at some point doubting it as the women did noticed he had a different accent plus the heat of the sun felt quite real. But surely he just cant just got transported here without any reason!

Hoping that she would know of what he was talking about, he stared hopefully at them confused as the way she didnt even knew that this all made him doubt even more if this was a dream as in a result that he is totally confused now. “U-uhh, yeah, you know. Calling someone with a phone so I might get home..”, he said stuttering, pausing once she had enough of his talk and as she ordered to come with them he said: “No! Please. I want to get home. This is all a dream! I want to.”, suddenly hearing the name of Horus and that name would explain everything what happend. “HORUS? That cant be! She died centuries ago! What is goin…”, pausing once more as then he would finally understand what had happend as a few meters away from him, he saw a rat. And this rat was the same kind of rat which the professor had kept in his lab.

“Whats that rat for sir?”, Maarten asked, looking curiously at the rat as while the professor would put the small white animal inside a cage the professor replied: “Oh its nothing special Maarten. I’m doing a research which might help finding a cure for an unknown disease. Not dangerous, but its still worth to investitage. Please continue with your work. I’ll look at your work later.”, walking over to the kitchen as he decided to prepare some coffee and tea for them.

“Have I? No! I have travelled back in time! That machine wasnt a mainframe at all!”, he thought, not saying anything anymore as the women would bring him to the queens palace and during their walk, he would nothing to be amazed by the beautiful sight of Egypt. The pyramids. The nile. The grassfields. It looked wonderful. Soon they would reach the palace and Maartens jaw would drop as the palace’s beauty was greater then he ever could imagine. It almost felt actually like he had been transported into the Golden Age of Egypt.

Being brought into the city, the people, who are also dressed like the women, all looked up as some of them wondered why he wear such weird clothes and once they reached the palace, the golden doors would open and inside the palace, he would nothing to be stunned by the beautiful arts and structure the entire palace had and in the throne room he would be thrown down onto his knees, seeing an amazing beautiful throne right before his eyes and next to it, a black panther was chained against it, growling loud once he saw the prisoner but before it could attack him, one of the women would quickly order the panther to calm down. In a few moments, the queen would appear and he would be the first of his time line to witness her true beauty!

Meanwhile though, back in London, the professor, who had dropped his coffee on the ground as he stood stiffened before the time machine, being being in shock when he discoved  what happend. "A disaster. A DISASTER! Poor boy! I asked myself many times. Should I tell him or not? I must inform the others for help!", the professor shouted out loud and not wasting any time, he stormed out of the lab, stepped into his car and drove as fast as he could to the main building of the college as some students watched him running inside and with a small laugh one guy said: "Looks like another project from Professor James turned into chaos! Just ignore him guys! This is the seventh time already!", the others chuckling at his comment as inside the school, professor James would storm into the teachers room and as he closed the door with a big bang behind him he quickly explained what happend as in a result, the other professors would rush to the lab with him immediately to try to see if they could help the boy out.
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The guards clearly were oblivious to the nonsense he spoke. More and more it would be clear, this generation was true. He had traveled back to the time of Horus. The women led him from the heated desert to the mixture of fields and desert where civilization lies. A beautiful kingdom, where people had farms to supply themselves with live stock. Trading booths to sell other goods. Fresh, and plentiful. Rich with foods where everyone was happy despite the heat hitting them from above, less pollution to block out the suns cruel rays. Clean air. Everyone dressed in Egyptian clothing, revealing while also just to be cool. Tanned flesh due to the sun above.

The palace of Horus was large, but not as large as Kingdoms from later generations. Mostly decorated in gold lining while white pillars and building materials were used to keep the inside cooler. Reflecting the sun which only made the palace seemingly glow brighter. Inside, sculptors and pieces of plentiful art would be  decorating the halls on the way to give the Queens home more meanings of a impressive living style. Until they would make it to her throne room which had been elevated to make her look down upon whomever was brought to her. A personal pet chained to her throne to keep her protected if her guards could not do the job properly.

Upon hearing she had an outsider found in her Pyramid, Horus would make her way into her throne room. Everyone grew quiet as even the guards would bow down to her presence. Each step was graceful, and heard with those golden heel boots she wore. Getting to her throne, she would sit. The panther would move to her and lay at her feet, her hand reaching out and tenderly giving the beast a pet as she looked out to the Guards.

"Speak." the strong, stern voice escaped the Queen as she looked down upon them.

"My Queen, we found this man intruding your Pyramid. He says he is not from here." the leader of these fellow guards spoke a bit with unease.

"Obviously by his choice of wardrobe, he is not. Where are you from, boy." Horus spoke directly to him as her eyes looked down at him while she leans back into her throne and crossed her long legs. Casually relaxing while she was thinking a bit already. Since she was speaking directly to him, he would notice the guards not chime in, instead they kept silent.
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Still being on his knees, Maarten looked around as despite he was scared what was going to happen to him he was still impressed by the palace’s beauty as he admired for example how he could watch himself through the shining golden floor but then everyone went quiet as suddenly, he heard footsteps and still staring to the floor he then saw golden boots through the floors reflection and as he looked up he would widened his eyes as the queen had just entered the throne room and being stunned he whispered: “Bless my eyes!”, being rather speechless by the sight of her beauty, the legend really being true and to be honest, her beauty was even greater then he could ever imagine! Her face. Her hair. Her clothes. She trully did look like a goddess!

As she approached the throne, the guards would bow and as he thought thats it best to bow as well he slowly bowed his head and as his heart began to beat faster he watched how she would sit on her throne and after the guards told her what happend at the pyamid she would turn to him and  being very scared of what she would do he replied stuttering:

“Y-your majesty. I-i know that it migth be stupid to believe and trust me, I have no idea why. But… I’m from the future and I live in a country far in the north. You see, I’m a student who has been working on a history research at a professor, studying the ancient time of Egypt  and while I was checking my documents, I found a hidden stair to a sort of a hidden basement and there, I found a sort of a machine. I first thought that it was a mainframe, which is in my time a device in which you could store large amount of information on it, but once I turned it on, it asked me to enter a date and having entered a date from your time line, the machine suddenly began to light up, making me unable to see what happend as the light almost blinded my eyes and once I looked up, I was suddenly standing inside the pyramid. Again, I know this sounds unbelievable and I really want to go home but please, dont punish me. I’m really not lying and if I had known that it was forbidden to enter the pyramid I would never had done this. Please have mercy!”

Having said this, he knew hat his explanation was completely garbage, but as he tried his best to convince her its not a lie he quickly got his Iphone out of his pocket and showing it very clear to her he cleared his throat and continued: "I can show you proof. Right here for example, I have a smartphone and with this device, you can call other people anywhere in the world. Atleast in my time line though as almost everyone has one of these!"
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Horus sat there in silence, listening to the pleading of this man. Now this, was new. Sure, there were even crazy people. But pleading you are from the future.. while wearing such foolish clothes in the heat? This took quite a moment to process even for Horus. However, she was not unreasonable. She let him continue. And then show her some weird handheld device. "That is, weird.. however, I do not believe you." Queen Horus simply stated as she stood, moving her way down to their level suddenly. Each step carefully, and yet all graceful at the same time. The guards quickly stumble back to their hands and knees to bow as she made contact with her heel to the same level. Approaching him, yet there was no aggressive intent in her flawless face.

"You're clothes are weird, yet you speak our language. You speak of coming from an entirely different country. Even I know not all know the language of my people. However, it is also clear of day you have never stood before me before, and I walk my lands." Standing before him, she stood to be 6' with those heeled boots. She reached her hand out. "Let me see it," she directed him to give her this so called 'smartphone'. "There is no time-machine here. So how are you to find a way back home, if you truly are from the future?" She didn't even know what calling meant. Let alone phones, or this new generation smartphone. It looked like just a tightly compressed dark plastic material to her on the outside.

She clearly had no fear in him. Horus was powerful and surrounded by guards, and her own pet. Some stranger in the face of her.. she had no fear. Instead, a slight curiosity. Her nose catching a scent from her being close to him. She..blinked, "That smell?" what a strange.. yet pleasing aroma. It wasn't the typical male scent she was used to upon approaching a sweaty man.
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“Well honestly, I cannot believe it myself either.”, Maarten slowly replied, knowing of course that he trully wouldnt believe it himself if he heard such a garbage explanation, but still trying to convince her with his eyes that it aint a lie he then shivered a bit in fear once she stood up as he thought she was going to make a judgement and as she went down to their level he felt his heart racing by each step she made with her golden boots and once he heard her heels hitting the floor of where he and the guards were bowing on it he closed his eyes as he expected her to punish him with angry.

However, she didnt seem to judge him to yet as she still seemed to be curious and as she mentioned he spoke their language he widened his eyes again, not realizing it that he did! “I-i speak their language? How is that possible? I couldnt speak or understand one word of it back in my time line! Did the machine gave me the ability to actually understand, speak and read their languae?”, he asked himself, having no other explanation really for this and and whle she checked his smartphone he hoped that it would convince her that he would from the future, but he was soon dissapointed already once for her, it turned te be out just some weird plastic, the screen being nothing but glass in her eyes.

As she asked him though how he thinks he could go back home he said with an ashamed voice: “I dont really know Majesty. In this state, I dont even think I can go back to the future myself. All I can hope is that my professor will try to find and get me back. You see, he and some other professors invented the machine and perhaps they could work on an solution to try  creating an device which might help to send me to my tim….”
He then paused for a moment as suddenly, she smelled a weird scent and being confused here he raised an eyebrow and asked: “Y-your majesty?”, staring at her as he was curious of what she was smelling but then he realized it might be the scent of the deodorant as every morning he always wears some deadorant, especially Axe as it is one of the finest deodorants he liked to put on and while she was still smelling the scent around him he slowly continued: “T-there is a button on the top of the device. If you hold it in for a few seconds then it will turn on the device.”, the battery actually being empty but perhaps it had just enough power to atleast show her that it was a device from his time line.

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She took his cellphone once he had handed it too her, his confusion was well placed. But for now. Horus still did not believe him. She did believe he wasn't from this area. But how did he get here? Dressed in this? Anyone else would of died of dehydration from the suns harmful rays. He clearly had no water, or food on him. Just this.. weird device. Horus looked it over, despite it's size it was a bit heavy. She's never seen anything like it. Small bumps on the top, and the side. He said the top one was power? She blinked a little bit.

Her soft digits moved holding the device carefully in one hand while the other pressed the button and held it down. Waiting .. waiting.. nothing.. then it lit up in a soft hue blue.. then was black again. Strange. "Seems whatever.. this is does not have anymore .. 'power'.." she stated, she then begun to investigate it more thoroughly. Looking at the back of it even. "This is clearly nothing I have seen before, it is heavier than you would expect.. there is some form of power that can turn it on.. that is clear. However, there is no way to prove what you say is entirely true." She hands him back the possession, she no longer had interest in it. Her eyes looked to him. "If your professors plan on coming to rescue you, I will put more guards by my personal pyramid to meet them upon their arrival. However, until then I can not trust you to let you walk around freely." she stated bluntly. "You will serve under me as a servant. Staying within the palace unless I say otherwise, if you try anything funny my guards have permission to kill you. Am I understood?" Horus said with a firm voice. Awaiting his acknowledgement before she would turn and return to her throne and take a seat.

"Khepri, come." Horus waved to one of her servants. "Guards, return to your post. Mika, order double troops for my private pyramid to keep watch for now for others like this boy."

"Yes, my Queen." said the lead guard before she rose and the guards left the throne room. A girl (link) (, wearing.. less than the average citizen and servant from what he had seen so far. She came to Horus' side. "Y-yes milady?.." she timidly asked why she had been summoned.

"You are to guide this boy, show him the servant quarters. Get him something to drink, and eat if he so desires. His first day begins tomorrow. You are to aid him on learning for today, and if needed.. other things if you and the others so desire." Horus muttered the last part quietly only for the girl to hear which made Khepri turn bright red but she begun nodding, "Y..yes! Okay! I'll do my best!"

Khepri moved down the steps, still red as a tomato, she cleared her throat, "F-follow me, I'll give you a tour." she reached out taking his hand gently and begun to gently tug him along, or at least try too.
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While she pushed in the button that would turn on the smartphone, the screen did turn blue for a few seconds and for a little moment, Maarten hoped that it would give her some proof that its not a device from her time line, but as the screen turned black again he sighed in dissapointment and answered: “Thats because the battery in the device empty. It could be charged though with electricity, but that is only possible with equipment from my time. And yes, it does weigh heavier then you would expect, but trust me. Despites that I can understand this wont give any full proof, This is an device from the future! I know it may sound confusing and I swear that I really meant no harm by accidently being in the pyramid, but please believe me!”

Having said this, he still tried to convince her with his eyes, but as it appeared that she didnt had anymore interest in the device she gave it back, leaving him to be slightly dissapointed that she doesnt totally believe him and while she suggested to put more guards by her pyramid, he sank in deep thoughs for a moment, thinking: “Rescue me? The proffesors? I dont even know if they have noticed I’ve been gone in the first place. Nor that I dont even know if they can let me travel back to my time!”

Soon however, it would appear to be unnecessary to put more guards at the pyamid as back in Maartens time line, the professor slammed his fist on the table shouting with dissbelieve and anger: “I-ts broken?! You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“I’m sorry professor. but while your student activated the machine some electronic circuits all burned up.”, a man said who appears to be a colleague of James.

“How long before the the machine is repaired?”, professor James asked, scratching his head while he paced up and down.

“At this state of the machine. Three months sir…”, the man replied with an ashamed face.

“THREE MONTHS?”, James shouted out in shock. “Do you know how warm the climate is in Egypt? How could he survive the Egypts deserts three months long? He doesnt speak ‘Egyptian’ so nobody can help him. What if he would be caught by the guards? He might end up in prison! Is there no way we can fix that machine sooner?!”

“I'm afraid not sir. These circuits are very rare to find and despite that we need to hire our special engineers again to fix this machine, we need to order these circuits from China which will take a month before we get them as these circuits cannot be made within a few days. Lets face it James. We are going to face an inquiry…”

“The hell with an inquiry! I only care about saving Maartens live! Anyway, do what you can Charles but remember. We must fix that machine as soon as possible or otherwise I will never forgive myself!”

“Right. We will take action immediately!”, Charles said, nodding quickly and once he left, James slumped in his seat and doing nothing else but shaking his head he murmerred like he was praying: “Oh please Maarten. Tell me you are all right. We will save you!”

Back in the throne room, Maarten meanwhile heard that he would be her servant  and having no option to agree he cleared his throat and softly replied with a fearful voice: “Y-yes my Queen. I will be your servant. And yes, I shall stay in the palace. Nor that I wont do anything stupid.”

He wasnt happy of course that he would become a slave/servant, but to be honest. Where would he go if he was still free? He doesnt know anything about living in this warm country and who else would take care of him anyway? Bowing his head as a token of acknowledgment of being her servant he then noticed she would call one of her female servants and looking up, he then saw a very attractive women who was wearing a quite revealing Egyptian outfit and after Horus ordered Khepri to guide him he followed her to the servant quarters, being a bit confused by her red face and admitting that he indeed was a bit hungry and thirsty he wondered how quarters would look like. The only thing what seemed to trouble him though is that he couldnt hear the last part what Horus said excepts that he heard the word desire. “Desire? What does that mean? Surely that doesnt mean he has to learn or do terrible things?”

Still holding her hand, he didnt said a word as he was still a bit scared of what he had to do as a servant and once they’ve finally reached the quarters, Maarten was suprised by the sight of it as it didnt looked as bad as he thought. On the contrary, the servants quarters looked quite nice and seeing female servants looking up at him he blushed a bit as appeared to be the only male servant here.

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To Horus, a hasty rescue would be in order if the boy truly was telling the truth. She had some faith in him that he wasn't .. entirely crazy. However, without official proof. His device gave nothing to prove since it was 'dead'. The up in security was all she could do until whomever would come for the boy would and she would keep her promise and let them all go if they were not from this era. However, for now. This was her judgement, and his punishment. Being a servant wouldn't be easy work.. especially for a male in her palace. Being the only male she would be lenient only a bit for him in ..understanding to a point. Especially if he found himself overwhelmed by the servants whom did not see to the outside world and lived day by day under Queen Horus.

Horus would sit in her throne awaiting for them to leave before she would return to her own personal tasks. This would be the last imagery he would get of the great Queen before he was led out by the barely covered woman.

Khepri lead him out of Horus' throne room. Down the long hall as she begun the main tour. "The Royal Dining Room is where you will find yourself helping set up. Private meals for her Majesty and neighboring pharaohs." she would comment as she would push the doors open and show him inside where a large table was presented with rich looking furnished chairs for those to seat. Comfortable. "This is where the Queen and her personal servants eat otherwise, there's only a handful that she keeps close." she mentioned as she lead him through the double door frames which was connected to the Dining Room. It connected with the kitchen. "This is where our meals are made, and prepared. Fresh fruits and veggies can be asked for any time of the day. Queen Horus is sure to keep that on supply since she also enjoys late night snacks.." she said with a soft smile before leading him to the other opened frame door to the other dinning room. It was larger, less fancy since it was given more room for all servants to actually gather and sit while enjoying their meals. "This is where everyone else eats. You will be required to eat here with everyone else. The hours for meals are five to seven in the morning, noon to one in the afternoon, and six to eight at night. That is when the kitchen will be prepping food. Horus does not wish to be wasteful of our resources.. so this is the only time you can actually get a full plate of food since they make for the amount of people whom actually sit at the tables. However, if you are hungry now we can have a special occasion for you today since you arrived too late for lunch and too early for dinner.. unless you want to wait." Khepri looked to him, "It's about two hours before dinner will start being served. Since we don't have a way of telling the exact time.. we judge by the sun and moon. I heard you were from the.. future? It should be a bit easier for you to tell time, no?" she was curious ..was it even possible for him? Or was he truly stuck in their time frame now and because of that had no clue?
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Well it was true that for Maartens sake, the professors better could fix the machine as soon as possible as of course, the longer he is gone, the less chance the Queen will believe that he would be actually from the future. For now though, he was in good hands. Altough his live would not be easy now as it would be very tough for him to be a servant of Horus.

Leaving the throne room, Maarten looked back one more time to get a sight of the legendary Queen and once he and Kephri went down on the long hall, he would prepare himself to know of how of he could be a good servant and listening very carefully he looked around, the Queens dinner room being quite well decorated and walking a bit closer to the table he admired the Egyptian tableware as they were indeed very beautiful.

“I get it. I will try to serve the Queen as best as I can.”, he said nodding, accidently staring a bit to her amazing body as compared with her revealing clothes he slightly began to feel sexual aroused.

Trying to control himself though he then followed her to the kitchen and there he would hear his stomach growl a bit as he saw all kind of lovely foods. “Wow! They really know what good food is.”, he thought, wanting to get himself some fresh fruit but knowing that he still should pay attention to Kephri he nodded again and said smiling: “Understood. I will try though to not ask too much for myself.”

She would then took his hand again and guiding him to their dinner room he noticed that it was indeed much bigger than Horus’ dinnerroom, but of course, it was much less decorated and the tableware on the dinnertable were also not as fancy as he saw in Horus’ dinnerroom.

As he paid attention to the times when they would eat he then would gladly accept her offer to have some food, but being more curious actually of what it would be to eat with the other servants he smiled and said: “Thanks for the offer Khepri, but I think I wait untill its dinnertime for all us. That would be more fair and I also have a chance then to get to know the other servants.”, giving her a slight nod and as she would tell him that they judge the time by looking at the position of the sun he then had an idea and as he answered her question if he was from the future he replied:

“Well in my time it is lots easier to read the time yes. In fact. I’ve even got a watch which tells me what the exact time is. However, due to different time zones, I’m afraid that the time on my watch is a bit behind. But I will adjust it for you. Here let me show you.”

He then took of the watch of his arm and after he adjusted the time to  the Egyptian time zone he gave it to her, allowing her to check out his silver Rolex watch and like when he gave the smartphone to Horus he hoped that it would convince her a bit that this wasnt from their time either but as he knew that the battery of his watch will be empty soon one day here he added: “I must add though that I cant use this watch for long as the battery it needs, is only available in my time so I cant replace it when its empty. Perhaps I can make a sundial though and put it somewhere around the palace where the sun always shines. You see, when watching a sundial, you can read the time by watching the position of the sun's shadow on the plate. For example, if the shadow of the sun is pointing at Three, it means that it is three a clock.”

Having said this, he couldnt help it but staring at her again as he found her way too beautiful and while she was checking out the watch he admired her big breasts but in his mind he still struggled a bit though as he was still curious of what Horus whispered to Khepri back in the throne room. "What did she told her and what does it mean?", he thought, still hoping that it wasnt anything bad.

Quickly stopping staring at her again he then thought that its time to ask her a question as well, but as he was far too much sexual aroused now he had started to grow an erection and feeling that he was growing a boner in his pants he quickly tried to get rid of it and hoping that she wouldnt notice it he smiled and asked: "So uhm... What do the servants do when they are not summoned by the Queen?", not thinking that the servants would have much or any free time, but still, he was curious to know.

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Khepri's eyes rolled over the so called watch that could tell time. Holding it, it didn't feel to heavy, but apparently it had the power to tell time. She watched the hands ticking within the device. "..huh. So this also runs on batteries?" she muttered softly. Not knowing he was appreciating her rather exposed frame while she was examining his watch. She gave it back slowly. "Time zones? What's that?" she asked curiously before after a few moments she shook her head. "I should be giving you a tour.. not asking so many questions. I am sorry." she muttered with a soft fluster building across her cheeks.

However, when he asked what Queen Horus whispered to her she turned all shades of red remarkably fast. "S-she was just teasing me.. that's all.." she commented trying to dodge the question as she took his hand and lead him out of the dinning room area since he said he would wait to meet the others.

Khepri lead him down the same hallway. Taking him further down as she kept more quiet to regain her composure for the moment since she was still flustered. Once they got to another area she cleared her throat. "This is the baths area.. to wash up. Uhm.." she looked at him, "There's no.. male guards, or servants.. other than yourself. So if you would like to come here later at night to try and miss people you can wash up.. otherwise it's.. open to everyone. Or if you want to be in a room filled of nude women.. up to you." she mentioned while looking to the side before leading him forward to the next door. "This is connected to the baths. It's the restroom area if you need to go." She motioned to the closed door before leading him further down the hall.

The living quarters would be the last area she shown him. Entering the large double doors she would show him to a new hallway entirely. In front of them was a large lounge area which sprouts into two hallways from right to left. "This is where servants reside, their rooms down the hallways. Once our work is done we either rest here, in our rooms, or in the baths since the water is quite nice... but.. uhm.." She looked to him flustering a bit before looking to the side once more, "We usually share rooms.. if you want.. you can share mine with me...?" she puzzled the offer out since she felt a bit excited and nervous that the Queen gave her this opportunity.

"Other than this area.. there is the Queen's garden which she allows all to relax at and admire. She tends to sometimes go there as well by the fountain." she mentioned while in her own thoughts.
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“Yes, but it would not be the same kind battery which my smartphone needs. Actually… the battery inside this this watch kinda looks kinda like a small magnet. But it doesnt really matter anyway. There are many kind of ways to charge devices in my time and it would be all too difficult too explain.”, Maarten said, being glad that she admired his watch but as she appologized that she shouldnt ask so much questions he replied:

“Oh no its totally fine. To be honest, I have tons of questions to ask as well. But I think it would be wise indeed  if we answer our questions another time.”, nodding quickly at her and as face turned red again once he asked her what Horus meant he blushed a lot and not wanting to embaress her he quickly said stuttering: “I-see. F-forgive me if I’m so curious but I just wanted to make sure if it didnt mean anything bad. Please continue our tour!”, smiling at her and following her out of the dinner room area he then when back down the hallway again and seeing how she was so much flustered he thought its best to not say anything now and once she would guide him through another area he would see whats appeared to be a sort of a bathroom and as his face went tomato red by the thought he was the only man he said stuttering: “

O-h I see. W-well. I will not lie that in my time, man and women usually take baths or showers appart but…. it is okay with me if I need to take a bath at any time. Not that I would spy on other girls by purpose though! ”, the last being said with a really serious tone.

Following her back to the hall he went only further down and and reaching the living quarters he admired how big the hall was and looking at the two sides he nodded at her explanation, being all impressed how the halls and area’s looked like  but once she offered her if he could stay in her room his face went even more red but not wanting to treat her like she asked a silly request he said smiling: “Oh that is really kind of you! Do you think the Queen would mind if I share a room though with one of her female servants? Otherwise, it would be my honor to share a room with you.”
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Khepri looked over to him as he seemed to fluster up as much as he had when she mentioned the bathes earlier. She gave a soft smile. "It's natural for servants to share rooms. It helps keep space and some empty rooms for other servants, whom fall into Horus' wing. I don't exactly have a roommate right now. She busies herself with the gardens and also normally is one of her Majesties personal servants on the side.. so most the time she spends her nights with the Queen. So.. I've been a bit lonely so I wouldn't mind getting a new roommate." she said with a soft timid smile and light fluster over her own cheeks. "I don't think the Queen would mind. Since I already agreed to give you the tour. She probably expected this since my roommate is usually.. gone. So I think she decided to replace her with you."

Trailing back from her thoughts she begun to tug him down the hall to show him their room since he agreed to being her roommate. "It's a little far.. but it is the eighth door down.." she commented softly before they reached it. She would finally let go of his hand to open the door and walk inside, leaving the door open for him as she turned to face him. "..Only one bed though... this is like this for most rooms."

"I suppose men and women sleep separately too in the future?" she asked curiously as she moved further into the room and sat on the bed for the time being. It was quite comfortable, decorations of the room were nice. But it wasn't too intense like the rest of the palace. Which was normal for an area that just was where servants spent a bit of time to rest up.. and other things if they so wished. "Because.. well.. I don't mind if you sleep in the bed with me.. it felt nice when Shecil slept with me.. but.. I don't know.. I don't want.. to make things awkward." she muttered out slowly growing more flustered as she continued.

"S-sorry.. I'm probably just making things more awkward even though I'm not meaning too.." she waved a hand in dismissal while she was tomato red. She didn't know what to say really. This was the first time she really got to even be in the same room as a guy for years now. Let alone sharing her bedroom with one.
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“I see. I’m really okay with it though if I can be your roommate.”, Maarten said nodding while still following her through the hall. “God. My friends are never going to believe this.”, he whispered to himself.

As she explained what happend with her previous roommate, he nodded again and smiling at her he replied: “I can understand that Khepri. Being alone all the time can be really annoying and to be honest, I can use a roommate now as well.”, the last thing certainly not being a joke as he hoped that it might help him from not being homesick. After all, despites that he would not be alone now, he did left many people behind. Professor James, his family, his schoolfriends. They willl of course be much worried once they will hear that he travelled back in time. ‘

Staring a bit sad to the ground for a moment he then quickly tried to get rid of these thoughts and paying attention to Kephri again he apologized for being a distracted and being glad to hear that the Queen wont mind it he said with a soft smile: “Well I’m glad that I can take her place for you. It surely must not be fun to be alone in your room all the time.”

Reaching her room, Maarten was then pleased to see how beautiful it was and gently sitting on the bed with her, he really liked how comfortable the bed was as he didnt expected that servants would have such good bedding. Okay, the room wasnt as beautiful as the Queens throne and dinner room but still the Egyptian art was still worth to be admired. Seeing though, that this would be the only bed he saw how Kephri flushed a bit and he flushed as well he cleared his throat and explained stuttering: “O-h well…. We do sleep separately in our time yes. Excepts for married couples and lovers as they….”.

He paused for a moment and his face being all tomato red he quickly tried to dodge the subject but once she told him she didnt mind if he would sleep in bed with her said more stuttering:  “A-are you sure? I-i dont mind sleeping on the ground…”, pausing again as he really felt ashamed right now but not knowing why he suddenly answered: “If you enjoyed it with Shecil. Then I should be glad if you enjoy it with me as well. Dont worry Khepri. I promise this wont be awkward at all.”, trying to comfort her a bit with this as he didnt want her to feel guilty towards him.
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"N-no no, I wouldn't want that," Khepri mentioned rather abruptly about him sleeping on the floor instead of in the bed with her. She didn't want him to feel unwelcome to being her roommate. But then.. again.. she did understand since he said something about couples and lovers which also made her face fester up from the thought of.. that. She could tell his did as well from his own thoughts. "Well.. I mean.." she begun but then shook her head.

"Ahh..! Well anyway..! It's close to dinner time, we should get going.. you must be hungry!" she practically squeaks out in embarrassment as she tried grasping at any different topic to get off of this one. Clearing her throat as she pushed herself up to her feet. "This will be good for you to meet the other servants of her Majesty!.." she continued before she would move towards the door, waiting for him to join her before leading him out into the hallway.

Continuing on the way of where they came from. The halls were also filled with some servants going the same way. Though it was a small handful, at least they weren't alone and she would continue making a fool of herself. Khepri was relieved.

However, as stated as before.. many of these women were nearly nude in their choice of clothing. Actually, some of them were more exposed than Khepri was. Actually being nude with golden accessories to lightly decorate their bodies for their Queen and other onlookers whom would admire their forms. While it could be also for the heat was too much. It seemed more that they embraced their bodies in this era.

"Try not to stare.." Khepri would whisper back to him. "I.. I don't mind if you look at my body though.. some of these women have no interest in gaining the attention of men.. you are new so most of these women won't know you are a new servant under her Majesty." she muttered back to save him since he was the new addition. It could cause some conflict.. and she wanted to save him from that. She reached back and took his hand gently and gave a gentle smile. "O-others though maaay.. not mind.. though you'll know who those are since they'll approach you.." she muttered and cleared her throat.

Once they made it to the dinning room she would take him to sit with her. Finding the perfect way to distract him from looking around.. she would go to 'innocently' guide his hand to her thigh. Honestly.. she was more curious. Though he wouldn't mind.. would he?
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“R-really?”, Maarten asked stuttering as his face was still red. “Gosh this feels so awkward! “, he thought, being happy though that she would share the bed with him but somehow, this would feel really weird to him as he never actually shared a room with a woman before, nor that he had ever slept with a woman before! Still though, he tried to act like these things were completely normal to him. Which didnt really worked out well as his face was as red like tomato now, especially when he could see that Khepri knew actually were he was talking about regarding that lovers and married couples usually have sex when they share a bed.

She would quickly dodge the subject though and feeling that his stomach growled again he blushed a bit in embarrassment but using this very moment to get rid of the subject as well he said smiling: “I shall not deny that my stomach can need some food right now”, getting off the bed and wasting no time he would leave the room with her, being curious who the other servants are. Would they be just as beautiful as Khepri? Would they also wear such revealing clothes? And most importnant. What will they think of him?

Thinking of these questions, he would start to sank in deep thoughts again and while walking the halls  he noticed that more servants went the same way to the dinnerroom and seeing that they were wearing quite the same revealing clothes as Khepri he would blush a bit. However once they approached the servants dinnerroom once more he would widen his eyes as right before his eyes, he would see women who were almost completely naked, their bodies barely being clothed, but their golden accessories however lighten up their sexual body parts so much that they where too hot to be described.

She would whisper to him that he shouldnt try to stare and even while he tried his best he couldnt help it but staring at their lovely bodies. Their huge tits, their beautiful asses and from one servant he could even see her pussy!  Being out of control here a bit he would then stare to Khepri’s dark skinned body and nodding at her he sat down, waiting for the meals to be brought to table but then suddenly, he would feel that she placed his hand on her thigh and as his face turned red once he couldnt take it anymore and very slowly, he would began to grow an buldge and before he knew it, his dick was so hard that it would almost be visible to anyone who would stare to at his pants.

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Khepri was sure this action would keep him distracted not to stare at others. Though it would embarrass her and make her feel a bit more.. heated. She kept his hand on her thigh with her own before releasing it, leaving his hand to rest in place. "'s okay.. if you need to distract yourself.." Khepri muttered softly as she moved her seat a little closer. So he could even feel her body heat a little as her face flustered a bit deeper as she smiled nervously.

After a few more minutes, the room filled more. People whom were dressed more from the kitchen would enter the dining room and begin to place plates down as well as utensils and glasses before another small group would come in after them to place servings of food on the table. Ham, bread, fruit, and a bird of some sort possibly turkey from the size of the bird. Enough food to fill the middle of each table to feed everyone at least once with a full serving of each plate brought out. Khepri smiled as she rose herself bent over the table as she took his plate and filled it with what she could reach.. all while giving him a good view since he was next to her. Her legs spread a little bit while she was on the balls of her toes to reach as far as she could before she'd pull his plate back and the resume to get her plate filled. Trying to keep his eyes on her for the time being until after the meal when she was sure he would be confronted by the other servants.
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This action would indeed prevent him from staring at the others. Yet.. that he know began to focus on Khepri and as she let his hand rest on her thigh, Maarten blushed more as he never actually touched a woman on such a near sexual place before and still trying to control himself, he couldnt help it but continuing staring at Kephri’s lovely body, her boobs being so big , her dark skin feeling so warm and soft. “Stop it!”, he thought to himself. “What if the other women will see me staring at a women like this?”. He cleared his throat and slightly nodding at her once she would say it is okay if had to distract himself he muttered back:

 “I-i understand Kephri, but its not that I mean to stare at women. I….”,  hoping that the women wouldnt confront him for staring at Kephri and not really knowing why he did it, his hand began to caress her thigh and as he could feel her body heat, his dick grew only harder and lager and for a moment,  he even had to urge to move his hand towards pussy, wanting to rub it with his fingers. Altough he wouldnt do this… yet!

Soon however, the dinning room was about to be served and seeing lots of delicious food being brought to the table, he sighed in relief as this would finally help from to focus on something else (atleast that is what he thought) and as his stomatch growled he wanted to pick some food but then Kephri rose up and smiling back he thanked her for filling his plate.

Yet though that he suddenly had a clear sight of both her ass and pussy! And while staring at at her perfect ass, he couldnt take it anymore and as he started to nosebleed, he then began to reach his hand out in a matter like he was really out of control here and doing it precisely at the moment when the other servants were too busy with filling their plates, he touched yer pussy and pressing his thumb against her clit he began to pleasure her for a moment before he then quickly held his hand back and sitting down, he felt so ashamed that he didnt knew what he had to say!

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Khepri had not expected him to touch her, though, when she felt his fingers touching her through the thin see-through panties she couldn't help but to gasp out softly, wriggling her hips a little bit. A low moan escaping her lips as her cheeks flustered up a bit more deeply as she felt the touch pull away. Clearing her throat a bit she pulled herself back into her seat and pulled his plate to him as well as her own. Glancing down at her plate while her cheeks remained bright pink. The silence afterwords would make quite an awkward stance but she didn't say anything. Instead she begun to eat her meal.

Once finished with her plate after a good twenty minutes she would sit back and wait for him to finish before she got up from her seat. "W-we.. just need to put our plates over here for the other servants to take care of.." she would comment before taking her plate over to the counter-top that was near the entrance to the kitchen. After placing hers down she would wait for him to put his down as well before she would grab his hand lightly and without any words start to lead him out to the halls. Her cheeks remained a radiant pink hue.. but she wasn't leading him back to their room like he might of hoped. She would be leading him elsewhere.

It would become clear that Khepri was taking him to the bathing room, though she still was not commenting about her ..plans. Once outside the bath room she would look to him. "We have a few minutes of privacy inside.. so if you want to bathe now we can. Otherwise I'll just take a few moments." she said softly as she looked up at him. Giving him the choice of now or later to see more of her.
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Expected her to be very mad and call him a pervert he closed his eyes, afraid that she and servants will beat him or even worse, that the Queen will punish for him even but to his big suprise, he could hear how she softly moaned and feeling only more sexual arroused now he couldnt help it but dreaming about sex now, wanting him to fuck her in all of holes. But what was he thinking?! How could he do such a thing like this? What was wrong with him? Surely, he did had a crush on certain girls at school but still he would never found himself touching them on sexual places?

It wouldnt appear to be his fault actually. After all, the way the Queen and her servants exposed their bodies was probally good enough to make any man sin. Such big breasts. Such plump asses. A small glimp was enough to make him noseblood already! Having sticked his fingers out of her pussy, he didnt say anything during their meal and as his face was still tomato red he didnt dare to stare at her but while staring at his place he would would do nothing but thinking of Kephri’s beautiful pussy. “It felt so warm and good. Imagine if my dick would go all the way inside it!”, he thought, eating his meal but sighing a bit as that scene would probally be too good to be true.

Once everyone finished eating their meals, Maarten then nodded with a shy face at Kephri and allowing the servants to take his plate he stood up, indeed expecting to return to the bedroom but instead she would suddenly grab his hand and lead him out of the halls, wondering where she was taking him and noticing that she would lead him to the bathroom he indeed wanted to fresh himself up and smling softly at her he said: “I would love to take a bath now Kephri.” at first expecting him to bath alone but somehow… he had a feeling that he wouldnt bath alone!

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Khepri couldn't help but to be a bit excited when he said he did want to bathe with her .. well he didn't say it like that but she took it that way. Biting the inside of her lip lightly she took him inside. There was a little hall into a small area first which had some benches attached to the floor. Towels hung on the walls and there was a faint mist.. that rolled in from the bath room that could be seen. It was humid, but in a pleasant sense. Khepri would finally let go of his hand once they were in this room. Taking off her garments gingerly as she placed them on one of the benches so she could get dressed afterwords or claim them upon walking back to their bedroom. Exposing that soft tanned flesh to his eyes if he was watching her. The golden jewellery stripped from her body.. as well as the soft fabric garments which would leave her finally nude before him. He could see her soft pink perky nipples, and soft slit without the thin panties in the way.

Her arms, crossed over her form a little in a shy matter. Doing little to hide herself.. if anything it simply pressed those large breasts together more as she looked to the side. "U-uhm.. I'll go in now.. I'll show you how to use our showers if you want.. otherwise.. I'm going to soak in the spring.. it's really nice." she timidly would reply, clearly embarrassed. Moving her way into the room where the mist heavily came from. She would disappear around the corner and leave him to himself.

Upon entry, he would see golden shower heads lined one of the walls, small stools rested in front of each one which could be adjusted for sitting and washing. Otherwise there was a large tub, and then further.. where he could see a figure.. a couple of figures actually where the steam really came from. A natural hot spring that the Queen had been lucky to find and take advantage of.
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And Kephri was right to take it that way. However, Maarten felt really shy about it as the thought of taking a bath with her was kinda extreme to him and for a moment he started to think again if this still wasnt all a deam. But it wasnt a dream cause everything felt real and still holding her hand he admired how the bathroom was decorated. The golden walls, the comfortable benches. Queen Horus really knows how a palace shoud look like! Soon, he would see the mist which came from the baths and liking it how it heated his body he wanted to undress himself… yet that Khepri started to undress in front of him, watching how she revealed her enitire body to him!

And with that, Maarten had crossed through his very own limits to control himself as never ever, he saw such a wonderful body before. Her increddible large tits. Her beautiful soft skin.  Her perfect plump ass. Her amazing tight pussy. For a moment, he even thought he was in heaven! Staring at her with a lustful face, he immediately grew an erection and wanting to touch and fuck her hard he nodded shy, telling her that he will ask her if he needs help and while being left alone now he thought what he would do and deciding to soak in the spring as well he undressed himself and walking all naked towards the spring, his huge dick bouncing up down by each footstep he mades, he couldnt help again but admirring the beautiful egyptian arts of the room and once he approached the spring he carefully stepped into the water and moaning a bit at, he liked how hot the water was, the temperature really being perfect!

From a small distance he could see Khepri washing herself and seeing how the soap slid all over her tits he started to feel even more horny and grabbing his cock he began jerking it off a bit and not knowing why the idea popped up in his head, he slowly walked over to Khepri and smiling at her he asked with a still shy face: “Do you mind if I wash your back?”, getting some nice Egyptian soap and putting some on her back he spread it around , his hands caressing her back very gently, the touch however being quite pleasant.
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Khepri had settled herself in the spring ahead of time, sitting near the edge as she soaked her frame for a few moments before moving to begin actually washing herself. Humming a soft tune to herself as she heard someone approaching. Her hands moving over her frame to allow the suds to spread across her frame lightly before she would let out a soft gasp when she realized he was behind her. Her cheeks burn a soft red hue as she looked back to him. Hearing his question she looked back in front of her. "I.. I mean.. if you want too.." she muttered out softly. Turning herself more so her back was fully to him as she continued washing her front.

Feeling his hands on her back she shivered a little, it was foreign touch, his hands being a bit rougher than she would of expected and large against her curvy supple frame. Her skin hot, and yet smooth to his touch.. easily his fingers could sink into the tender flesh of her sides even showing some muscle in her back but it was mostly lean. Lifting her hands up she worked her hair over her shoulder with her fingers gently, combing it lightly to the front with her digits to leave him without her hair being in the way. Her body instinctively pressing back into his touch without her realizing.. until she felt something pressed into the plump curves of her ample bottom causing her cheeks to turn a whole new shade of red. But.. she didn't move. She kept her hips even pressed into that while she was leaning forward a bit to give him the entirely of her back to work with.

Khepri had moved her hands back to washing now her hair since she had finished with the front of her torso. Trying to keep herself.. distracted from the situation. Though it was hard when something hard was pressed against her rear.

Meanwhile, Horus, was also in the spring. Ironically seeing the entire thing, she was on the opposite side of the spring naked, with her arms propping her up a bit as the tops of her breasts could be seen with her leaning back into the spring.. simply soaking and enjoying. And now.. she apparently had a little show happening before her which was ironic since she had come in here during dinner expecting to miss most the flow of servants whom would be coming in later. However, it seemed like neither of them had seen her for the time being or realized she was present while they were in the 'changing room'.
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As she worked her hair over her shoulders, Maarten moved his hands all the way up to her shoulders and putting more soap on them, he started to massage them before letting his hand slide all down towards her hips and while doing this, he couldnt help but liking every single touch of her soft dark skin. “C’mon. Just bang that woman! You are alone anyway. Now is your chance! But what if Horus will hear about it.  She might kill you!”, he thought to himself, giving a soft sigh and it if it werent that he didnt notice that Horus was in the spring he wouldnt do the thing of what is going to do now.

Cause very slowly, he ran his hands towards her shoulders again but this time, he moved his hands towards her breasts and putting her hair aside he suddenly grobed her and pinching her nipples he started to play with her breasts, his hands kneading her massive pair of tits! For a small moment though, he knew he had to stop but it was too late. The touching of her boobs felt way too good and while his dick began to twitch against her rear, he carefully let it slid between her ass plumps, rubbing it a few times but it wouldnt make any contact with her pussy or asshole yet.

Yet, the pleasure was immense and planting kisses on her cheek, he ran his left hand down towards her pussy and rubbing her clit he sticked two fingers inside, pushing them all the way down to the base.
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Khepri wasn't going to complain, getting her shoulders massaged at the same time while he was working the soap into them, she let out a sigh of pleasure while she was working the shampoo mixture into her hair and then rinsing her hair out from the suds which built up. Feeling his rough hands moving down slowly along her curves she flustered a little more deeply since it felt.. really good. Her body pressing back into his slightly while she was leaned forward a bit to give him room to work.. but his cock was pressed firmly against her ample bottom and that she could not ignore.

Feeling the redirection of his hands once they moved towards her shoulder.. before they circled around her causing her eyes to widen as his digits sunk into the soft globes of her flesh after he had shifted her long hair from them. "M-maarte-!" she gasped out, interrupted by a pleasurable sound which escaped her soft pink lips when he pinched her nipples and begun to toy with her breasts, her hips swaying a bit in a wriggling motion rubbing her soft rear against his cock in reaction as she moved her hands over his..

Feeling his member moving between her cheeks she flared deeper across her cheeks from feeling his size.. his heat. Her back arching a bit causing her soft breasts to press into his hands before he retreated a hand.. sliding it down her torso. "Ffwa!~" She let out a sharp gasp of pleasure as her soft warm thighs closed around his hands after she jolted upon feeling his fingers pressing into her while his palm rubbed against her clitoris. Her back pressing firmly now into his chest giving him a perfect view down her front to see her hard nipples.. and his hand vanished between her thick soft thighs. Her body trembling as his fingers pressed all the way inside causing her to rise a bit on the balls of her toes. "Nnh.. M..maarten.. p..please..~ T..this.. is.. s-someone can.. see.." she gasped out in an embarrassed tone. At any point someone could enter and see him molesting her, it was exciting, but also making her worry since she didn't want him getting in trouble.

All while, Horus watched. She had slept with a man before, but it wasn't pleasurable. Khepri's reaction was.. interestingly.. curious to the Queen.
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Rubbing her clit more, Maarten slowly pushed two fingers insde her V-spot, his other hand massaging her ass cheeks while sometimes, he would tease her by slowly sticking one finger inside her asshole as well. He knew he actually had to stop. But he just couldnt help it. Khepri was just so beautiful that he would be a giant fool if he wouldnt fuck her. Her perfect sized tits, her amazing soft ass. Oh yeah, he certainly would mate with her now, no matter if they would do this in an open area! Moaning a bit when he pushed his member a little bit further into her ass cheeks, altough he still wont make contact with her pussy yet. But then she would suddenly mention his name and planting kisses around her neck he moved one hand back towards her tits, pushing the finger out of her asshole and pinching her left breast as hard as he could he meanwhile pushed two other fingers with his other all inside her pussy and blushing a bit he said: "I'm so sorry Khepri. But you are so beautiful. Please let me fuck you."

Having said this, he would get himself in front of her and after planting some more kisses around her neck, he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her hard while his tongue would go all down inside her mouth, wrapping it around hers. The pleasure was immense and continuing to kiss her passionately, he grabbed her hand, guiding it slowly to his 11 inch cock, allowing her to stroke it.
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Feeling two fingers pressing inside her she squirms more, moaning out as her head fell back to his shoulder. "B-but..but..~" she huffed out heatedly into his ear. He got the perfect view of her curvy frame as now he could look down into her cleavage and see her hairless mound below. Soft moans and gasps escaping her lips into his ear as his digits found her clitoris. "Nnh..~! Hhya~" her moans so sweet. The feeling of her perky bottom pressing into his cock as she felt it slip between her cheeks. This pleasure.. it was mind-blowing. Her digits eagerly holding onto his hand.. as if telling him without words not to stop as her own arousal juices begun to flow around his fingers while he kissed at her neck. A sharp escape escaping her throat as his spare hand went to give her ass some attention on top of everything. Her face turning a whole different shade of red as a finger slipped into her tight ass making her squeak even from the odd pleasure she got from it. "N-n-not..t..there!~" she whimpered out cutely out of embarrassment. It was so dirty, but somehow she was enjoying it..!

Khepri could barely make out he was saying in her lustful haze. Pleasure numbing her mind as he pinched her nipple hard making a hiss of pain escape her. Suddenly caught off guard from him suddenly being in front of her. Her rosy cheeks flare deeper as he then proceeded to attack her neck with kisses. Moans escaped her as she clings to him desperately before she felt his lips capture her own. Her eyes widened for a moment before reclosing them and returning his kiss. Her tongue weakly moving against his. Feeling him guiding her hand down she was surprised by the size of his cock. She couldn't tell before, but now.. she could tell he was absolutely huge..! Her hand stroking him, curiously.. getting a feel of his member.