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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #150 on: July 02, 2015, 01:50:03 am »
Name: Beatrix Dontalios.
Age: 27
Class: Knight(warrior)

(Just include full armored legs and a full helmet)

Beatrix stands about five foot eight inches, with shoulder blade length raven black hair, dark blue eyes and paled down skin. One would easily notice her athletic, muscular frame which despite it, having a full rounded set of breasts and a firm, yet rounded backside. With scars over most her form, it'd show she's been in plenty of fights and would be in more yet.

Equipment: Beatrix carries a rather good set of armor, heavy steel plate armored adorns her entire frame, with heavy chainmail beneath, studded steel gauntlets, boots and even a full helmet that made her see from slits. She looked like a warrior,with the only thing modest being the dark cloth undergarments below the whole armor. For weapons she kept with a  steel longsword that could be used one or two handed easily by the warrior, a steel triangle shaped heater shield and a long  dagger at her belt and another near her boot if needed.

Money pouch:  21 gold coins.
Sash contents; 1 socketed dagger(one socket) 1 Healing potion, 1 Thawing potion, 1 stamina potion
1 bone necklace(possibly magic)
2 scrolls of Identify
2 Scrolls of town portal
Four enchanted Skeleton keys(unlocks any locked object, door, chest or otherwise, but each key can only be used once)

Backstory: Beatrix haw never revealed much of her life to anyone, but what is known is that she obtained the honor rank of Knight after serving the military for six years, and four years now spent in the title of Knight to the realm, and protector to fight the demonic invasion and thus cure the lands back to humanities hold...not these things.

Personality: Beatrix is a cold and disciplined woman, barely ever making due with sexual acts in her life. She takes her job seriously, but will do what she must to survive and adapt...always aiming to win, no matter what. Despite this, she is very loyal and protects her friends and superiors intensely.

Skills: Smite lvl 2: Beatrix can do a very powerful shield bash to opponents to send them tumbling back, can stun bigger opponents.
Swords/melee lvl 3: Beatrix is a very proificent and skilled martial fighter with a blade in hand, capable  of dealing with most easily, unless much faster than herself or even better than her.
Cold Resist lvl 1: Beatrix has very strong resistances, and now she's built a resistance to cold as-well, more so than most people would have, becoming more resistant to cold terrains as if it's nothing.
Defiance lvl 1: Beatrix taping her core leadership abilities and harnessed almost paladin like nature, has become able to boost her allies with increased defensive capabilities more than before.
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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #151 on: July 21, 2015, 07:29:27 pm »
Name: Matthias Albinus
Class: Blacksmith
Age: 38
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 203lbs
Physical Appearance:
Background: Matthias hails from the town of Hulgat, where he made his living as a blacksmith. While he was normally found repairing farming implements and horseshoes, Matthias was often commissioned by the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye and various mercenaries to forge and maintain gear for them. Though possessing exceptional skill, Matthias stayed in Hulgat as a peasant to provide for his brother who was ailing with plague. When Andariel attacked, Matthias had just finished forging his proudest commission yet - a masterwork war hammer intended for a noble lord who had come a fair way to employ Matthias. It was the only possession that Matthias escaped from Hulgat with. His brother died in the attack.

Though not a solider by trade, the necessity of survival has forced Matthias to acquire some semblance of skill with his warhammer. While normally content to stay inside of the Rouge Encampment and put his skills to use, it has become clear to him that he is beginning to show signs of the same plague that his brother did, and the advent of his disease forces him to venture beyond the wooden palisade to find a specific flower pollen integral to the  potion that subdues the symptoms. Without it, he would become sapped and infirm beyond help.

Personality: Matthias is a man with some holes in his soul - though he does not let bitterness consume him, much of his warmth and compassion were swept away by the sacking of Tristram. He faces his duty with grim determination rather than pride, and often reacts to the world with dry sarcasm. Matthias cares about the people in his camp, and still places value in his own life, but its clear that he used to be a much different person from the laughter lines on his face.

Blacksmith Level 3 - Matthias has the potential to become a great blacksmith, but great skill comes with time. Currently he can craft and maintain smaller, less complicated items.
Crushing Blows Level 3 - Where he lacks training and finesse, Matthias makes up with blacksmith strength. His swings are messy and unbalanced, but a single blow from his hammer is a deadly proposition for any contender - especially those in heavy armor.
Pain Ignorance[ Level 1/b] - The plague manifesting in Matthias deadens his nerves slightly while treated, allowing him to ignore some degree of pain - however, should it go untreated by the flower-pollen potion, it will grow into crippling paralysis of his limbs and eventually his vital organs.
(assuming they start from 1 instead of 0)

Pollen Plague - A disease that spreads through tainted flower pollen. It renders the victim weak and atrophied, rapidly starving them when untreated and slowly inflicting permanent paralysis when it goes without treatment. The only treatment is further ingestion of the pollen, often enhanced when consumed with a mana potion. When treated, the victim will still experience a loss of willpower and deadened nerves - this leaves Matthias perpetually weary, no matter how much he works or rests.

1. Steel Warhammer
2. Peasant's Clothes
3. 1x Vial of Plauge Treatment
4. Blacksmith's Handtools (tongs, hammer)
5. Blacksmith Large Tools (anvil, forge, workbench, smelter, misc immobile equipment. All located around his tent, most of it makeshift)
6. Silver Dagger
7. Pickaxe
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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #152 on: August 19, 2015, 11:25:07 pm »
Name: Carmillia Irrinolv
Age: 28
Class:  Assassin.


Equipment: Same as in picture above. Wears plate bits adorned with blade gauntlets that can retract and extend blades out at will, alongside this she also has climbing gear and rations to survive in the field.

Backstory:  Carmillia is from the south-east, born in a rough land and forced to adapt to the surroundings to live, she latter adapted this to more dangerous arts, eventually turning to killing for profit, and ring fighting when not on job. When the demon invasion hit, she was forced to fight them and thrive from it, alone if necessary.

Personality: Carmillia can be a un-predictable, cunning woman, willing to go the extra mile to make sure a job is complete, by whatever means. Now she fights to kill all demons and deal with anyone who dare oppose her progress to do so.

Skills: Blade fist/Tiger strike lvl 3: Carmillia can very well with her twin gauntlet blades, hitting pin point parts on a body in a rapid span of time, while also able to use the weapons to block or deflect enemy blades.
Sneak/Stealth/cloaking lvl 2: Carmillia can sneak almost as well as she can fight, looping in the shadows and out like it's a second skin to most.
Blade Sentinel lvl 1: Carmillia has altered her specialized gauntlet to produce a very sharp and almost magnetic device that springs from her gauntlet at enemies, cutting anything in it's path before returning, much like a boomer-rang. Narrow enough to slip by most armors to hit weak spots with deadly accuracy.
Fists of Fire lvl 1: Harnessing her psychic potential Carmillia has unlocked more deadly outward potential for her physical attacks, able to focus her fiery attitude into a new light, blasting forth in literal fire from her fists for a devastating area of effect depending on the held charge allotted, each level up to three giving a more deadily effect, with three able to create quite the fiery shock-wave to a large group of enemies, and potential for devastating one v one encounters as-well with it's fiery magics.

Inventory: Money; 10 gold, 30 silver, 27 bronze coins.
1 minor healing potion
1 minor mana potion
1 stamina potion.
Enchanted boots- un-identified
1 chipped topaz
1 short-sword
1 enchanted dagger- un-identified
1 regular dagger
1 Master Keys
1 tiny chipped amethyst.
3 Town Scroll Portals.
A rare helmet, nicely ornated (Equipped)(Un-identified) (Appearance:  It has an open face with small guards protecting the jaw and forehead while allowing a lot of space for the eyes, for optimal visibility. In that sense, it looks somewhat like Magneto's helmet in X-Men, except that this one also had decorative fish-like fins sticking up above the ear holes.)
The Ring of the Bat= +8 mana steal (Equipped)
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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #153 on: August 26, 2015, 10:20:58 pm »
Name: Irina
Sex: Female
Age: 23
Class: Demon Hunter
Equipment: Leather armor, twin hand crossbows, dagger, caltrops, 1xscroll of town portal, basic traveling supplies.
Tracking Arrow - a  single shot from her crossbow that hones in on an enemy. Usable only once every three combat rounds.
Caltrops - scattered on the ground, these little metal spikes can slow several approaching enemies.
Vault - allows the Demon Hunter to quickly move around the battlefield, acrobatically dodging and weaving her way through and around groups of enemies and other obstacles. Usable every two combat rounds.

Background: Irina was taken in by the Demon Hunters at a young age, along with her younger sister Eva. The two siblings were only a year part, and their memories of their brief childhood were tainted by fear and tragedy. Eager to put the ghosts of their past to rest, the sisters took to the training offered by the Hunters with a single minded dedication. Over the long years, the two developed a friendly rivalry, striving to better each other in the various tests set before them by their teachers. Though only a little older, Irina grew protective of Eva. As the two sisters matured, Eva started to chafe a bit under Irena's well-intentioned watchful eye, leading to some tension between the two. Still, their relationship remained strong and friendly. Eventually, both sisters jointed the ranks of the Demon Hunters as promising novices, assisting their elder comrades in several short expeditions, and acquitting themselves well in combat.

All Hunters lead violent lives, with loss of close companions a constant possibility. Sent to investigate rumors of renewed corruption in Khanduras, Eva disappeared while on a scouting mission in the area around the Tristram. Determined to find her sister, Irina set out after her, with the reluctant approval of her superiors. Though finding her sibling is her primary motivation, Irina hates the demons as much as the next Hunter, and won't hesitate to put down as many as she can.

Appearance: Irina is tall, lithe woman, her body toned and strengthened by years of physical training. Her straight, shoulder length black hair frames a delicately beautiful face, her fine, sharp features usually set in a focused, determined look. She's usually dressed in the standard Demon Hunter armor, with her long supple legs and pert ass wrapped in tight leather leggings. A leather chest piece hugs her torso, pressing against her medium-sized breasts. The usual high leather boots complete her outfit.

Irina is competent, proud, and stubborn. At the same time, she has a decent awareness of the limits her own abilities. If the odds against her are overwhelming, she's likely to follow her training and try to retreat. Still, backing down doesn't come easily to her, and she chafes every time she has to give ground in a fight. Irina is dedicated to her life as a Hunter, which left little time for other pursuits. Her social graces suffered as a result, and she can often come off as brusque or cold in her interactions with others. As she's matured, she's grown more aware of this shortcoming, but still struggles with it.

Her rigorous life has left little time for pleasurable pursuits, and Irena is a novice when it comes to sexual activities, having never gone beyond furtive experimentation. She's unskilled in flirting and seduction, and is unlikely to recognize all but the most obvious sexual innuendo. Still, she's more curious about it than she'd care to admit.

Irina's main goal is locating her sister, but barring any clues to her whereabouts she'll settle for disposing of demons and their minions in revenge. Thus the introduction of Eva is a character, as well as her condition, is completely at the discretion of the DM.

Irina will respond to possible demonic corruption in one of two ways. If the corruption is gradual, and she wins out most of her encounters, she'll find herself fighting and slowly giving in to unnatural lustful urges, her hatred for demons warping into a depraved desire to dominate them. Should she find herself at the demons' mercy, she'll discover a deep seated submissive desire, leading to her deriving pleasure from humiliation and debasement. She may discover several additional kinks, such as body modifications (piercings, etc.) that will contribute to her fall.
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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #154 on: September 26, 2015, 06:52:35 am »
Name: Aaron
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Class: Assassin
Equipment: Leather armour, steel dagger, steel shortsword, roped hooks (x3), hooded robes.

Personality: A sanguine young man whose positivity is only increased when faced with a more difficult situation with little to no chance at victory. He is proud of his body and not above displaying it whenever he has the chance to. When faced with a beautiful woman, he can be quite forward in his approach. In combat, he is a trickster, opting to stay mobile in an open area and using any means necessary to come out triumphant.

Background: Aaron didn't have a normal childhood growing up. He was not originally from these lands. As a young boy, he lived in a village beneath a mountain temple in which warrior monks would take on a handful of disciples below the age of ten, male or female. For twelve years the children would live together within the stone walls while training in various forms of combat, including martial arts and an acrobatic form of swordplay. When the children turned to adults, they were given the option to remain in the sacred halls or leave to do with their training as they wish. Many stayed behind seeking enlightenment through intense physical training and meditation. Aaron could only think about what he had missed out on from being sealed inside all these years. Only three of the nine children, including Aaron, opted to leave. Before they made their way for the doors, their master informed them that during their stay, the world outside had changed into something more foul than what they remembered. The incident which caused a near cataclysmic event many years ago had once again resurfaced and threatened to repeat itself. It wasn't until the trio had reached their village that they witnessed the full extent of this tragic nightmare. The streets were littered with bodies. While the other two remained in their country, choosing to enlist in the military to fight against the evils that had destroyed their home, Aaron thought that by sailing overseas, he could avoid being swept up in all this. He learned the hard way that running would only make things worse.

Martial Arts (Class Skill): Trained by warrior monks from the age of nine, Aaron has become a champion at pub brawls.
Shadow Crawl: Aaron is enveloped by shadows and transported to another dimension, then spat out from an opponent's shadow.
Berserk: Channelling all of his rage into a form of power, Aaron is surrounded by a crimson aura as his eyes begin to glow the same colour. Only a beast of a man remains as he charges towards his enemies, unleashing a furious barrage of deadly swipes and slashes with his blades.

(Notes: Shadow Crawl only works on a corrupt living opponent such as monsters. If area is too dark for shadow to be visible, the power cannot be activated. Though it has no limits to its use, as a consequence, if the power is used more than three times a day, the user risks being trapped in the Shadow World for multiple hours before being released into a random shadow somewhere in their original world.

Berserk grants a tiny strength bonus on top of the major speed bonus it grants, however, the user loses all self-control and cannot block or dodge incoming attacks. Each kill with the power activated prolongs its use time, though it also causes the user to attack more aggressively. The more kills with the ability, the easier it is to be killed. If there are no targets within visible range, the power will automatically cease, leaving the user fatigued. If they entered a more aggressive stage of the ability, they will most likely pass out for multiple hours after exiting berserk mode.

After each ability's limit is reached, they cannot be activated for 24 hours. After each single use, the abilities have a regular cooldown time. Berserk's cooldown time: 1 hour. Shadow Crawl's cooldown time: 20 mins.)
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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #155 on: October 06, 2015, 01:46:36 am »
Name: Ashe
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Class: Druid
Equipment: Leather armour, steel spear, Longbow and two quivers of arrows.
Personality: Ashe is a shy adventurer normally preferring the compony of her animal Companions over anyone else. When she is met with another she is normally friendly and helpful. Always trying to look on the brighter side of any situation. In battle she depends alot of her summons as she is not much of a fighter herself.

Background: Ashe was originally from old Tristam, though she was only but a baby when it feel. Her mother took her and ran off into the forest where she spent most of her days. When she was in her early teens though her mother was killed in the Blood Moor leaving her to fend for herself. She learned to survive out in the wild due to learning the Druidic arts and summoning spirits to defend her. After a time she had grown quite attached her first summon and even granted it a name of Nina. So now Nina and Ashe traveled.
Summoning skills (Class skill) Summon spirit wolf, Her spirit wolf Nina comes to her aid and defends against her. She is only summon one wolf at a time making it much stronger than normal.
Oak Sage- Summons a spirit of the oak Sage to defend and heal those around her.
Summon Raven- Summons a raven to help but its mainly for scouting than anything.

(All of her summons she can only have one at a time. She can only re-cast the spell once a day so if her 'friends' die they only can be re summoned the next day)

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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #156 on: November 02, 2015, 08:11:09 am »
Name: Sei

Level: 6

Gender: Female

Class: Blade Dancer

Appearance: Sei is a willowy girl with smooth, pale skin and soft features. She has almond eyes of deep brown, high cheekbones, and a long slender neck. Her hair is raven black and extends to just below her buttocks when it isn't bound up in a convenient tail to keep it out of the way. Despite her slender body her bust is goodly sized, nothing that would be expansive or impressive on a more curvaceous woman but on Sei's slight frame her breasts stand out at pert attention. She is not tall or muscular but she has a lithe gymnast's grace and speed, moving easily on the balls of her feet and carrying herself with confidence.

Background: Newly departed from one of the great temple monasteries of the far east, Sei is a newcommer to the lands around Tristram. Her homeland is most noted for its powerful wizards and sorceresses but also produces more conventional warriors as well. Sei is a member of the Order of Wind, a monastic discipline focusing on fast, agile combat and high mobility. She lived all her life under the tutelage of the warrior monks of the Five Styles Temple. This produces an odd mixture of killer instinct and naivete, she was trained from the young age in the arts of war but has very little experience with life outside the monestary.

One of her sisters was sent on a mission to investigate dark reports coming from the lands to the west and sent back regular letters detailing her exports. Some months ago, however, her reports ceased. Sei begged her master to declare her training complete so that she could undertake the mission to find her sister. Perhaps against his better judgement the old master gave her leave, knowing that she would not be able to focus on her studies with such an alluring quest distracting her. With her master's blessing Sei set out for the cold plains to find what had become of her sister.

Equipment: Sei's training focuses on speed above all else and so heavy armor has little use for practitioners of her art. She wears light chain mail that focuses more on ease of movement than protection and relies on a heavy cloak for protection from the elements rather than heavy garments. Her sword is an ancient blade gifted to her by her master. Although non-magical it is never the less a magnificently forged and balanced weapon with a uniquely flexible blade.

Tier 1:
Wind Step 2 - Passive, Sei's movement speed is increased slightly
Adder Strike 1 - A weak strike that marks the target for a short time. Each mark makes subsequent Adder Strikes deal more damage
Critical Strike 2 - Passive, Sei's attacks have a small chance to deal double damage. Synergy: Adder Strikes that critically strike will add an additional mark to the target

Tier 2:
Pierce Armor 1 - Passive, Sei's extremely accurate attacks can bypass a portion of enemy armor

The wind style of swordsmanship, often called blade dancing in the west, is an agile style that relies on acrobatics and speed for defense while focusing on lightning strikes to weaken and bring down even the most ferocious of foes. A hybrid between gymnastics and swordplay, wind style focuses more on defense than offense and sacrifices power for finesse.

Primarily a dueling discipline, the style excels against a single opponent but struggles when facing crowds or working to support allies. The style is also crippled by boggy, movement affecting terrain, nets and snares, grapples, or any type of attack that limits mobility.

Level 1Wind StepDragon Lash, Adder StrikeCritical Strike
Level 6DodgeDragon CrescentPierce Armor
Level 12EvasionAdder FangExpose Weakness
Level 18Wind RushWhirlwind StrikeDemonslayer, Beastslayer, Undeadslayer
Level 24Immaterial StepDragon Crush, Adder VenomQuivering Blade
Level 30Wind FormGale ForcePerfect Strike
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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #157 on: December 21, 2015, 12:27:10 am »
Name: Ker
Age: 18
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 130lb
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Class: Necromancer
           (What she hopes to become)

Personality: Puts up a tough front, however she craves attention but is afraid to seek it from the living

History: She is the bastard daughter of a graverobbing drunk and a noble woman. When her mother died in childbirth, her father kidnapped her before the noble family could quietly dispose of her. She spent her formative years up to her nose in grave dirt, digging and carrying bodies for her father as he looted what he could to make a living while he treated her more as a tool then a daughter. Although smart, she was never taught proper subjects such as reading or anything above money-math, and when her father was finally caught and lynched by a mob, she ran for her life. Taking the name Ker, after overhearing several old men with books talking about a foreign civilization's death spirits of the same name, she wandered place to place, moving on every time the locals got close to discovering the truth about her, whether because a slip of the tongue or a wrong move. She continued getting further and further away from civilizations and deeper into the new demon lands until she reached the Blood Moor, hungry and penniless.

Weapons: none
Armor: She barely could afford clothes let alone any sort of armor
Fighting style: let's her 'friends' do it for her.
  Raise Skeleton 1
  Amplify Damage 1
   Reanimate Corpse 4
Limits to power (Corpse Master) (So far) :
~Corpse must be 'warm', has died within the last 12 hours. (Prevents plot breaking events and bringing the horny dead back to life)
~Revived retains personality and general memory, but certain fine details are lost from the lack of oxygen to the brain during death. (Again for plot breaking)
~ the caster can dismiss any minion at any time, she can threaten to do so if a minion does not co-operate. A minion who expects to go to Heaven might then choose to disobey the caster, but less pious minions would have to seriously consider the threat. The brief experience of death before reanimation would have been sufficiently horrifying to most people that there is strong incentive to stay in the world of the living as long as possible.
~damage to the minion can transfer into a potion of damage to Ker. Inherit safety catch prevents her from being killed when the minion receives a fatal blow.
~ Minion's reflexes are slowed and have weaker fighting skills (and spellcasting power). Can be partially offset by corpse mastery.
Replacing Skeletons:
(1) Raise Skeleton --> Reanimate Corpse :: Only works on humans (not demons), and it does not repair wounds or deter rotting. So after a few days these minions will fall apart.
(1) Skeleton Mastery --> Corpse Mastery :: Improves the quality of the corpse and its memories, and makes it last longer before rotting away.
(12) Skeletal Mage --> Regenerate Corpse :: This spell works on bodies that have been damaged or have gone 'cold' (also on zombies, but not skeletons or exploded corpses). Minions under this spell will regenerate Health over time, and they won't rot away. They will also retain spellcasting powers they had while alive, but are still forbidden from doing violence (or are limited to low level attack spells, equivalent to Skeletal Mage attacks).
(30) Revive :: no change from the standard spell

Replacing Golems:
(6) Clay Golem --> Reanimate Corpse :: As above, but they don't rot away over time.
(12) Golem Mastery --> Corpse Mastery :: As above, as well as making the bodies cleaner and warmer, and more attractive.
(18) Blood Golem --> Regenerate Corpse :: As above, with the added perk that you can perceive things through a corpse's senses, thus using them as spies or for vicarious proxy sex.
(24) Iron Golem --> Craft Corpse :: Allows you to make modifications to a corpse, or splice different parts together to create customized minions, such as futas or anthros or size queens.
(30) Fire Golem --> Soul Bind :: Upon killing a human or demon (of equal or lower level to you), you can capture its departing soul and bind it to a corpse that you have already crafted or regenerated. The minion will retain its personality and its full memory, but will be fully under your control.

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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #158 on: February 19, 2016, 10:32:54 am »
Name: Hou Yi
Age: 34
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Class: Potions-Master (Alchemist)
Appearance: (Ignore the ears)

Personality: Hou is an explorer at heart, but a realist in action.  He loves traveling about the world of Sanctuary, meeting new people in new cultures and learning about them.  He isn't much for history or the arcane arts aside from what's required for his potions, but he has learned a great deal of the world's geography and the people that inhabit it.  Hou loves to repeat what he knows to those he's met, telling stories of his travels in far away lands and the easiest way to his heart is by showing interest in his stories.  He can go on and on about the places he's seen and the people he's met, but he is also very dedicated to his work.  Unless someone is within his innermost circle of trust, he shuts them, and the world, out when he goes to brew his potions.  In that sense, he's a private man, dedicated to efficiency for the sake of getting his work done and saving more time to explore.  In these pursuits, he can be somewhat hot-headed, but for those that get to know him, he is very reliable and will even risk himself for the sake of others.

Hou Yi started life in a crowded neighborhood in Xiansai.  His father made a living in the art of making poisons, but in light of experience with his father (being a rival to Hou's grandfather and eventually killing him with a masterpiece poison), Hou was encouraged to find a different trade among the other artisans that worked in shops near where his family lived.  None of them had any appeal at first to the young boy who's only want in life was to travel the world and see other lands aside from the  nation of Xiansai.  It soon became apparent that he'd need to practice some trade, even if he did find his way out, in order to support himself.  So, he decided on the only other thing that interested him and became an apprentice to an elderly potion master, Heng Zhen.

The old woman was eager to teach Hou Yi since she was unable to pass her trade on to anyone else.  Her daughter had married young and her husband had decided to train their twin daughters in martial arts instead of the potion brewing of their grandmother.

Hou spent many years practicing in the old woman's house, sometimes staying the night in order to see certain brews through, but in his spare time and at meals he had with Heng's family, he spoke at length about the foreign lands he'd read about in old tomes, promising that he'd go out and someday explore those places himself.  To stifle Heng's usual pessimism on the matter, he'd bring up the many different arts the foreigners practiced and how he'd love to learn what they knew about potions and use that knowledge to perfect his own art.  This was only a partial truth, of course, because the traveling was Hou Yi's passion and the potion brewing was always secondary.

During that time, he made friends with the twins, Jun Kuang and Shu Kuang, often times sneaking them potions he'd made to heal their wounds or get the edge over the other sister with special stamina potions.  He found it entertaining to fuel the girl's rivalry, but over time, that changed into a sisterly bond and when it finally came time to make good on his promise to leave Xiansai, Hou found himself with two women who, due to his stories, also wanted to leave their nation.  Even though he'd procured some of what he needed, Hou Yi knew that the world of Sanctuary was a dangerous place and although he could brew potent potions, he could still use the help of two people like Jun and Shu, so the three departed together.

Coming from Xiansai, Hou Yi had limited experience with the druids of the nearby forest nation of Scosglen, glimpsed the famed druid colleges and braved the borderlands south of there with the help of the sisters glimpse the nation of Kehjistan, starting with the grand city of Caldeum, but even grander than that was the capital of Kehjistan, Kurast.  The southern jungles were a hurdle to Hou Yi whose last experience with forests was a very different kind in Scosglen and his group had traveled much desert since then.  There were things to learn in those jungles, though, and eventually Hou Yi and the Kuang girls found themselves in the Torajan jungles.  There, Hou Yi found himself searching for the Umbaru people and where many others had failed before him, met and learned from one of their spiritual leaders, a witch doctor.

Leaving the jungles, Hou found himself finally on the western continent, eager to learn from the people who, according to what he'd read, seemed so different from his own and those he'd met so far.  A brief stop on the Skovos isles found Hou Yi and his companions turned away from the amazon's homeland outright before landing in Kingsport.  There, they ventured north, visiting Bramwell on their way north until, finally, they found the slopes of Arreat.  They didn't make it terribly far up the mountain, but were able to travel well worn roads to the barbarian capital of Sescheron.  There, Hou Yi learned what he could of the barbarian people, but they were so very different from what he was used to (and reminiscent of the stoic druids of Scosglen) that he eventually turned away.  The last thing Hou Yi wanted to do now was travel back south and make his way to his favorite city, the jewel of the east, Kehjistan's capital, Kurast.

Weapons: Thrown potions and a single mace
Armor: Light quilted armor (for now)
Fighting style: No specific style
Skills: Potion brewing

Potions: Hou is able to brew potions in the wagon he travels in and uses as his shop.  For the most part, simple potions like health or mana potions are easy to make and are brewed by supplies of plants that he keeps in his cart and are fairly easy to make for him.  This includes somewhat more complicated potions like rejuvenation, stamina, antidote and even thawing potions.  These present the bulk of the supply of potions he sells to travelers and heroes, although he does possess the ability to brew other kinds of potions from simple damage potions like exploding potions to chocking gas potions.  There are some others that he creates for special, wealthier patrons and others that he has the recipes for, but have never made for fear of failure (and any consequences thereof) or simply because the components were never available. 

The following is a list of potions that Hou Yi is capable of making (provided he has the components):

Simple Potions:
Health (size depends on the size of the bottle and the price willing to be paid)
Mana (size depends similarly to health potions)
Rejuvenation (distinct from full rejuvenation potions)
Stamina (for a limited time, makes the drinker immune to fatigue)
Thawing (returns speed to the user or, if applied to someone who is frozen, thaws their body and gives additional resistance to cold)
Antidote (purges the system of all poisons currently applied and gives resistance to future poisons, but not immunity)
Fulminating (damage potion that explodes on impact, but only has enough power to damage enemies closely grouped together)
Strangling Gas (a class of poisonous potions with limited potency, effects range from simple poisoning to aphrodisiac effects or even paralytics; can be created as a salve to be applied to a single person who wants it, usually as an aphrodisiac)

Intermediate Potions: (These cannot be made with things Hou has in his wagon, but require components that are not terribly difficult to find; special components determined by GM)
Exploding (similar to fulminating potion, but has a more powerful explosion with a larger blast radius)
Chocking Gas (similar to strangling gas potion, but with more potency and area of effect around area the container is broken; not recommended to make a salve out of due to potency)
Amplification (similar to a regular health potion, but increases the effect of any other healing potions or spells applied to the user for a short period after consumption)
Potion of the Diamond (increases the consumer's elemental resistance for a short time after consumption)
Tower (increases the armor of the consumer for a short duration after consumption)

Master Potions: (These potions require very rare components found in dangerous or otherwise hard to reach locations and have usually never been attempted by Hou before)
Full Rejuvenation (replenishes all of the consumer's health and mana in their entirety)
Sludge-Fire (similar to exploding potion, but covers a much wider area and leaves a sticky, burning residue behind)
Rancid Gas (similar to chocking gas, but with an even more expanded range of dispersion through the air once broken open; as an aphrodisiac, would probably kill the consumer with lust)
Fear (causes enemies nearby to flee when consumed)
Leech (causes every attack the consumer makes to replenish their life for a decent duration)
Resurrection (poured into the mouth of someone who has died or rubbed into their skin, brings a dead person back to life)

Jun and Shu Kuang:

Age: 32
Height: Jun: 5'7", Shu: 5'6"
Weight: Jun: 145  lbs., Shu: 140 lbs.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Class: Warrior (Samurai)
Appearance: (Jun on the left, Shu on the right)

Personality: The warrior girls are fairly shy.  They, like Hou, were curious about the world, but by now, feel as though they've had their fill.  While they are eager to settle down somewhere more permanent and their memories of Kurast were pleasant, they each think privately about returning to Xiansai instead.  However, they possess a certain loyalty to one another and to Hou Yi that makes them fear voicing this opinion on the off chance that the other wishes to stay with Hou.  However, as the three have traveled together for so long (and have surely shared a bed on more than one occasion), they have both come to terms with the idea of the other staying with Hou in Kehjistan and returning alone.

Their bond keeps them close, especially from those they come across, but when they get comfortable (as they tend to do when they spend any reasonable amount of time in one place), others glimpse the hidden side of the girl's relationship.  They see Jun's playful side and Shu inevitably chastise her for being too informal to people outside her family.  They might even see Jun traipsing around the inside of Hou's wagon topless, even completely naked as the girl tended to do when she thought no one was looking.  They might even see Shu sneaking a peak at Hou Yi's alchemical notes, studying what he knew about potions in the hope of learning just the tiniest bit about her mother and grandmother's craft.  Above all, they find the hidden curiosity that, while not as intense as Hou Yi's, still hides just below the surface.  The two are much more reserved than Hou Yi himself.

History:  The girls grew up in a home with a strict father and a concerned mother.  Their father wanted to teach them the martial arts that had been passed down his family for generations and the fact that he hadn't had any sons didn't stop him in this quest.  At first, the training was grueling, but the girls adapted quickly and by the time Hou Yi joined their family, more or less, they ended up notorious tomboys in their neighborhood.  The boy's tales of foreign nations and peoples enticed the girls almost immediately and after only a short time of Hou Yi studying with their grandmother, they shared their desire to see the world as well, if only as inspired by the boy that would become their dearest friend.

The decision to leave home with him was a hard one for the girls to make, but they knew he was leaving and that that was going to leave a hole in their lives.  Add to that that the two didn't really understand what they were going to do with the skills their father had taught them as well and the choice became a little more obvious.  After all, they didn't have an art that could produce things that they could sell, only the art of battle and instead of hiring themselves as mercenaries and making a job of killing, the idea of making a life protecting someone they loved was far more enticing.  So, they left.

Of course, the girls found the stoic druids very odd, the borderlands unnerving to travel through and the desert lands around Caldeum to be far too hot.  Kurast's climate was more to their liking as was the size of the city itself.  It was a little more humid than they liked and something didn't quite seem right about the Zakarum faith, but despite that, they found themselves more comfortable there and were sad to hear when Hou Yi wanted to continue south.  The Torojan jungles definitely put them out of their element, even more than the forests of the druids, but what else could they do but pick themselves up and trek on.  They knew it wouldn't last and sure enough, once Hou Yi had learned what he thought he could from the Umbaru, they left to head to more familiar climates.

For their part, the western continent was more friendly and although the cultures of Westmarch and Khanduras were very different from what they were used to, the cities seemed familiar.  Even as they descended away from the barbarian homelands, they hoped they could visit those cities again, but alas, a different rout was chose, one that would take them through Khanduras to Lut Gholein and back to Kurast.

Weapons: Two katanas for Jun and one long katana (small nodachi) for Shu.
Armor: Little to nothing, for now.
Fighting style: Xiansai sword arts.
Skills: The girls have picked up a little here and there during their travels and while honing their skills, have picked up slack to help Hou Yi, including picking plants useful for potions or at least identifying them from their poisonous (or not poisonous) counterparts.
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Re: Character Sheet Post
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Name: Welin Blazewind
Age: 31
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 129 lbs
Gender: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Class: Shaman (Custom Class)

Personality: Welin is a responsible but curt woman, being cold with anyone outside of her lands. This is because she inherently distrusts anyone that isn't from her tribe, knowing full well that she is alone while on her journey. Even if the odds are great, she will often refuse help, as she is expected to complete her mission by herself for the honor of the tribe, a duty she takes very seriously. In battle she fights fiercely but gives the same cold demeanor to her enemies, not giving them any quarter or mercy unless they decide to run from her. Overall, she is all business, and no pleasure.

History: Welin is the daughter of the chief of the Blazewind Tribe, a proud tribal people who roam the land, never settling down in one place so that they may forever be connected to nature and the spirits. They refuse to settle down, because they believe that it causes people to become complacent, and that complacency invites evil and destruction. It came as no surprise to their people when demons and dark forces began invading the lands, and while the majority of the tribe was just fine with letting the world burn and simply defending themselves, their chief new that they needed to send someone to deal with the matter. Welin, being the tribe's most adept shaman, was sent out to investigate, and hopefully deal with the menace plaguing the lands.

Weapon: Tribal Spear
Armor: None
Other items: A satchel for holding anything useful along the way (holding 1 health potion and 1 mana potion)

Elemental Skills- Welin can summon the powers of the elements to do her bidding, which mostly involves using flames, ice, and lightning to destroy her foes
Firestorm Level 4
Molten Boulder Level 1

Defensive Auras- Welin can summon the power of helpful spirits to heal and protect herself, as well as any allies if she is desperate for help
No skills as of yet

Curses- Welin can summon the power of vengeful spirits to ail her opponents and cripple them in a variety of ways.
Amplify Damage Level 1
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Re: Character Sheet Post
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Name: Zara
Gender: Female
Class: Amazon


Zara wears little besides what most would consider underwear, and relatively immodest variants of such at that, a simple wrapping of cloth to cover her nipples and keep her chest from throwing off her balance and panties are all there is to it really.  However, she does have some reason to be so undressed as much of her uncovered dark skin is covered in swirling tattoos that seem to flow and twist of their own accord as she moves, often drawing the attention of enemies away, redirecting it such that they are distracted from her true movements...

History: A member of a reclusive amazon tribe deep in the jungles around Kurast, Zara has been fleeing her homeland ever since the demons swept through, killing or corrupting her sisters and destroying her village.  She has run and run, killing and living off the land, until finally she has come here, to the rogue encampment, and here she has chosen at last to make her stand against the demons, to fight with these rogues and seek some measure of revenge.

Equipment: Zara wields a glaive, a lightweight curve-bladed spear with intricate carvings worn up and down the wood of it's shaft.  It is the last relic of her life in her village and though she is perfectly willing to carry it into combat she guards it closely as the heirloom it is.

Hypnotic Tattoos: With how she moves, Zara can draw eyes to her or away from her as the tattoos on her body swirl and shift, and in combat she uses this to more easily evade her enemy's strikes, drawing them away from her body.  (Basically the Dodge skill from standard amazon skill tree, just refluffed.)

Inner sight: the distraction of her movements and tattoos also tend to make enemies move more predictably, making them easier to catch coming and easier to hit them as Zara knows what movements on her part will bring about what motions from her enemies.

Power Strike: Zara has learned to charge her glaive with crackling electricity, striking with vengeful lightning and angry thunder wherever it lands.  She cannot sustain the enchantment forever, but she grows more and more proficient with it as time passes.
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Re: Character Sheet Post
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Name: Alex Creed
Age: 28
Class: Paladin
Height:  6'4
Weight:  200
Amor: http://www.blizzplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/blizzcon-2013-diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-gameplay-systems-panel-54.jpg (Without the helm)
Sword: https://michelleisenhoff.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/broadsword.png
Sheild: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120614091531/finalfantasy/images/f/f2/FFXIV_Holy_Shield.png

Skills: Very stilled in close combat, trained to take a beating as well able to hit like a battering ram. Though he can used any weapon that is given to him he is better using both a shield and a one handed weapon when in combat, however even with no weapons he's also very good in hand to hand combat. Other then that he is knows how to cook and smith armor and weapons as well.

Defensive Auras- Prayer, Resist Fire

Personality: Friendly and outgoing to do people he meets and is a man of honer. However when he sees any demon, undead or any evil thing that is walking around he would slay it without question unless told other wise and within reason. Even though he's a holy warrior he still have his own needs and though it might be a sin he still could pray for forgiveness. So if any woman want to have some run on the bed or what not he wouldn't turn it down.

Background: Alex's mother was taken over by a demon and killed his father when he was young and he would be next. Before it could happen his mother was able to control her self long enough to end her own life to saving his. That night changed him and vowed to find ways to make the demons pay, without any second thoughts Alex left his home to become a Paladin. After so many years he have finsh his training and become a strong holy warrior or so that's what he been told. He was told about a group of rouges that were fighting the demon and undead so he went out to see if he could find them and help anyone he can on the way.

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Re: Character Sheet Post
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Name: Valeria
Age: 32
Class: Amazon spear-woman
Appearance: Tall, leggy and athletic. While not at built as Charsi, Valeria is no slouch when it comes to a workout. Her flowing blonde hair frames her beautiful hair, though downplayed by the stern, serious look in her eyes.

Background: The Amazons are women warriors who hail from a group of islands in the Twin Seas, near the border of the Great Ocean. Only the permanently snow-covered peak of Mount Karcheus breaks the expanses of lush forests on the islands. <WIP>

Personality: Valeria is holier-than-thou as she has only spent time training at home, yet to truly face off against the atrocities the wilds have to offer. She is loyal to a fault as long as it doesn't get in the way of her ethical code. She believes she is special, hand-picked by the Goddesses to defeat the Prime Evils once and for all.

  • Trident
  • Hunter's bow (12 arrows)
  • Dented breastplate
  • Worn leather gloves
  • Cracked sash

Skills: Valeria is trained in the spear specifically, finding a shield too cumbersome. She prefers to strike quickly with the extra reach of the spear, hoping to fell creatures before they can even strike her.

Level 1: Jab (Score multiple hits on an enemy in the same amount of time it would take to make one regular attack.)
Level 6: Power Strike (Multiple attacks within the time span of a normal attack, each jab a bit less powerful than the last.)
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Re: Character Sheet Post
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Name: Yurelia

Age: 20

Class: Paladin(Self-Proclaimed though an Amazon in actuality)

Appearance: Yurelia is a voluptuous bodied woman despite her life spent too much on her training, her fine toned body and notable buxom chest has earned her the moniker as "The Breastplated Princess". She shares the typical facial appearance of her fellow amazon sister whom she grew up with, but Yurelia is more of a looker than a fierce woodland hunter. The most seductive feature her body has to offer is her semi-badonkadonk ass,

Background: Yurelia was born from a remote clan of the sisterhood who had ties with less recognized knights on the outer fringes of Westmarch. Her father being a Paladin aspirant has inspired Yurelia to follow her father's footsteps and join the order simply because she was a fan of shiny looking swords and armor that she spends time cosplaying, but her mother insisted that she become a rogue for the sisterhood which has left Yurelia with only one choice to satisfy her ambition and her mother's, and that is to practice both of the martial prowess of a Paladin and an Amazon.

Personality: Feisty and straightforward, Yurelia doesn't give too much when it comes to....talking, usually its her sword that talks her way out on any problem she encounters, that's why occasionally she is a bad player of diplomacy. Whenever things go messy, she always resolves it with the edge of her blade if her blunt words of subduing her foes to stand down would not work.

Equipment: Yurelia's equipment are made by a blacksmith who is very skilled in making aesthetic features, thus Yurelia was able to purchase fine looking armors that is more suited for mobility rather than providing protection, and of course to give a more attractive look. Yurelia paid for these of course with golds and her own body.

• Custom made Hard Leather Armor
• Custom made Heavy Gloves
• Custom made Heavy Boots
• Custom made Belt
• Custom made Long Sword
• Small Charm of Sordid Acts - A devious trinket that enrages nearby monsters to attack the bearer of the charm.

Skills: Due to her combined training, Yurelia wasn't able to master any of the skills of an Amazon and a Paladin, her talents are all half-assed which meant she is neither an expert nor a novice to any of the discipline she is practicing. For her, quantity is better than quality. Yurelia always follow the simple combat rule that if her enemy is not dead from the first strike then strike again, usually works.

Amazon Skills:
• Inner Sight - Lvl 1
• Critical Strike - Lvl 1
• Dodge - Lvl 1

Paladin Skills:
• Holy Bolt - Lvl 1
• Thorns - Lvl 1
• Defiance - Lvl 1
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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #164 on: December 04, 2016, 05:46:28 pm »
Name: Aife

Class: Gladiatrix

Background and Appearance: She is a female gladiator that was recently freed. She has fire red hair and an athletic build. She fights with a sword and small shield. She wears solid leather boots and gloves, but since the spectators like to see some skin, her only other clothing is a thin leather bikini top and small loincloth.

Her gladiatrix background taught her how to fight hand to hand, but never against arrows. Her former masters also staged "special" events where she would fight other women, winner gets praise, loser gets stripped and fucked right in front of the whole crowd. This happened in addition to being whored out, so she is no stranger to the things some men want.

She never speaks of how she came to be free, but she is short on supplies and looking to sell her sword services for cash. She has a couple of knives and a pouch with some candles on her belt, but she lost her pack that had the food, water, and blankets.

She answers to Aife, her former slave name.

Sex partners since coming to the area:

Fallen 1
Quill Rats 2

Equipment: She has her sword and small shield as well as a couple of knives and a pouch of candles on her belt.

She also found a pair of bracers with a slight glow to them in the Blood Moor

Skills: She was trained in melee by the best to be a great gladiator. She has had no training with magic or against arrows.

Sword Mastery 3
Bash 2
Leap 1
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Re: Character Sheet Post
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Name: Xochi

Age: 27

Class: Broodmother

Appearance: She wears clothes that look like they would belong to nobility, but anyone with a sense of fashion or sharp eye can tell that they are simply an imitation. It is essentially a red robe with golden lines tread through to emphasise the curves. Perhaps her most striking feature is her violet eyes.

Background: She was a simple farming girl with a taste for spice, not having the patience or knack for such simple things, as per her own words, having moved out as soon as she was an adult. After that, she wasted no time in putting her body to use in a different kind of hay. She was fairly successful, managing to eke out a living. After a few years like this, she was one of the most requested women as well. With fine clothing and just as fine a pouch with coins, she returns home only to find it burned down with no trace of her parents.

The only trace that remained was a book lying on the porch. One that was exceedingly simple in design, carrying no sigil or name, only black with ancient pages filling it up. The moment she touched it, the contract had been sealed and something informed her of the situation that was to happen and something just as quickly changed her, granting her the contents of said book and purple eyes.

Personality: She tends to take a simple approach to things and finds it a waste of time to focus on the large picture. A hedonist through and through in short. But sometimes she lets a light of pragmatism shine through. Sometimes she thinks with the brain, not her lust. Sometimes she can be seen apparently looking for something she has lost.

Expensive clothes with a somewhat interesting pattern that makes the one wearing it more susceptible to dirty looks.
A satchel of water and food with the carriage she came in along with a small pouch of coins.

Skills: Is at her best when being bred or charming her way in, but is lousy at not drawing attention to herself as every move and her appearance itself makes for essentially a beacon of light. She is best used as bait or to serve as the distraction. Has some minor knowledge of medicine, but seems to shine the best when dealing with expecting mothers.

Class: Rather than being a profession of hers, it is more of a contract she has gone into when stumbling into the occult her forefathers left behind in a fire. She has the ability to breed with anyone and anything and her maternal

Fertility (Passive): Essentially ensures that offspring will always be left when leaving seed inside of her, regardless of what kind. Higher levels give an increased chance of twins or more.

Level 1: Strange Brood (Passive) 5/20 -- Determines number of pregnancies and how fast they develop
Level 1: Gift of Life 2/20 -- Target gains a temporary bonus to max health and health/mana/stamina regeneration based on PC's current pregnancy status
Level 6: Spectral Hit (req Strange Brood) 0/20 -- Add elemental damage to PC's attacks based on current pregnancy status
Level 6: Tentacle Armor -- 0/20 Summons a mass of tentacles to surround the PC and protect her from damage and attack nearby enemies, but PC can't move while spell is active

Level 1: Submission -- 0/20 While spell is active, monsters cannot attack the PC as long as she is in a submissive pose
Level 1: Attraction -- 0/20 Spell causes nearby monsters to ignore allies and attempt to rape the PC
Level 6: Lovestruck (req Attraction) 0/20 -- A single monster is dumbfounded and unable to take any action, as long as the PC flirts or teases the monster

Flower Power:
Level 1: Fertility Draught 0/20 -- Brew a potion that increases fertility
Level 1: Lust Aura 0/20 -- All creatures in proximity to PC become slowly aroused over time
Level 6: Lust Bolt 0/20 (req Lust Aura) -- Single creature struck by the bolt becomes strongly aroused
Level 6: Sex Tankard (req Fertility Draught) 0/20 -- Brew a potion that increases health regen and corruption resistance, and transforms physical damage into lust gain
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Re: Character Sheet Post
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Understood. Have fun.  :)
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Re: Character Sheet Post
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Human characters only.


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Re: Character Sheet Post
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Name: Faye

Age: 21

Class: Assassin

Background: Born into a small village, Faye grew up in a community that separated from the order of the mage slayers. The few who left the order was there to instill the athleticism and training necessary to become an assassin. Knowing the world they were in, she needed to fight at a moment's notice. So, Faye only got by through hand-to- hand combat and stealth. Due to personal reasons, she needed to flee the village and ever since, had to live on her own and stay nimble in a world where everyone wants to attack her or claim her as their own.


Equipment: A lightweight white gi that cuts off at her upper thigh like the one illustrated, and is sleeveless in its design. Mesh like socks and sole less shoes for traveling. Leather Bracers on each wrist

Personality: A serious woman who's attitude matches her red hair, she tries not to let the environment around her affect her mental state. She tries to be calm and stoic when needed. Speaking to others is never a chore and rarely has moments of an outburst on her part. She likes to observe and check for any abnormalities in the area as her training in the assassin arts bolstered her senses a bit more than the average warrior.

Skills: Tiger Strike,

Dragon Claw
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Re: Character Sheet Post
« Reply #169 on: February 10, 2018, 06:15:13 am »
Name: Zane

Age: 19

Class: Paladin/Sorceress

Background: A man raised into a brotherhood that blessed him with the skillset and routes to be a priest or an assistance to one of such power. As the times grew dark, it was only a matter of time until things would take a turn for the worse and require him to search for a new locationIt all happened so fast that he's still trying to piece together the downfall when it happened when it was all said and done.


Personality: Zane is a cautious, pensive man who tries to think of all the possible solutions to a problem before speaking. Growing up learning the arts of all that is holy teaches one to be patient and prepare for the worst to happen. While he tries to put on a positive spin, he occasionally comes of cynical, as he didn't prepare enough for what happened to his home. Despite his attempts to move forward and be more open, it's a sour spot to return to and a discussion he rather avoids when possible.

Skills: Prayer, Static Field
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