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Character Thread
« on: March 28, 2014, 11:26:11 pm »
Lissi Toradun
Futanari Neutral Good Sylph (Outsider, Native) Bladebound Kensai Magus, Level 1, Init +1, HP 10/10, Speed 30 ft./x4
AC 12, Touch 12, Flat-footed 11, CMD 14, Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +2, CMB +2, Base Attack Bonus 0   
Black Blade Sword Cane (--)  +3 (1d6+2, x2)
 (+1 Dex, +1 Misc)
Abilities Str 14, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 7
Condition: Asthmatic

Bane: You suffer a -2 penalty against any effect that will cause you to be fatigued or exhausted, and any effect with cloud, dust, fog, or smoke in its name. You hold your breath for only half the normal duration. Additionally, sleeping in light or heavier armor fatigues you.

Lissi is the daughter of Mara Toradun, a noble from Korvosa who had moved to Sandpoint to get away from the city.  Lissi has never met her father, although, as always, subject to speculation and rumor.  Some say it was a powerful Djinn.  Others, an Air Elemental.  She doesn't really care what people think of her for it, for she, much like her mother, is a natural with spell and sword, and she has fought enough people to prove it in her time.  Most of the time, it was innocent play, but as she grew older, and the boys and girls grew more interested in her, she's had to fend more persistent foes off.  And that's not even including her arousal.

She has no personal bias against anybody, sexually, and will fuck anyone so long as they ask nicely.
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Re: Character Thread
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2014, 01:38:47 am »
This guy with green skin, no hair, and maggot tattoos on his face.

He carries a spear, and has two sacks slung over his shoulders: One for cooking supplies, and the other for magic and adventuring supplies.
He wears only a ragged pair of brown trousers, and some fingerless gloves that have been reinforced with metal plates and spikes on the knuckles, as a backup weapon if he loses his spear.

He has a spider:

And a goat:

The spider is for casting spells, and the goat is for cooking a cauldron full of delicious goat curry.

Sheet: http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=840303

Based on a previous character I made, which is his older sister:

Dorn is the product of a volatile orc chiefdom living on the fringe of civilized society. His father, Torog, was an aging shaman who died when he was still very young. His mother, Anika, was Torog's slave, daughter of a deposed tyrant, and later took back her freedom and became a brutal tyrant herself, even worse than her father. Anika was stabbed to death, Caesar-like, by several disgruntled members of her elite guard. The conspirators then swept through the chiefdom killing all of her bastard offspring, for she had slept with every single member of her elite guard to keep them loyal to her alone (as a Queen Bee ought to do), but in doing so forbade them to marry, that they would not hold any other woman above her. Only two of Anika's children were old enough at the time to escape the knife. Dorn was the younger one, and the other was his half-sister Karrna, who was three years older. Technically, Dorn was sired by Torog's apprentice, though it was never proven. Anika had later executed said apprentice to distance herself from the taint of human blood. In the same action, Dorn was sent to apprentice to another shaman, who was a rather cruel master. Karrna, meanwhile, was a strong fighter, and was groomed to become Anika's successor as queen of the orcs.

Going back a few decades, Torog was the halfbreed product of a respected orc warrior and a captured human paladin. The paladin didn't live very long under the abuse the orcs inflicted upon her, but Torog was as tough as they came. Not many halfbreeds survive their first 3 years of life, but those who do tend to go far in life. Once he had grown into an adult, Torog began to exert subtle influence on the elite warriors of the tribe, acting as a sort of grey eminence that kept the tribe stable. But as Torog was slipping into his later years, a musclebound brute from a distant land showed up, named Rorc, challenging and killing many of the tribe's elite warriors. He was supported by a powerful halfbreed druid named Adria, who was his wife, and came to be known as Adria the Witch. In that singular event, the tribe was transformed from a quasi-egalitarian community to a brutally oppressive tyranny unduly controlled by a cabal of human and elven druids who lived in the deep forest nearby, one of whom was Adria's mother.

It was 15 years later that the son of one of the slain warriors, named Koruk, gathered a rebellion and rose up against Rorc. Torog, having schemed for a decade and a half to bring about this moment, first made sure the neighbouring human kingdom held Rorc to blame for recent attacks on the kingdom's hinterlands. When knights sent to attack Rorc's camp were intercepted by the druids, Torog made sure the druids were declared enemies of the crown, and dealt with harshly. Koruk's rebellion then partnered with the crown to depose Rorc, who by this time was slipping into old age and lacked much of the strength that made him chief in the first place. The only task remaining was to make sure his wife, Adria, still middle aged and vibrantly powerful, could not interfere. To that end, Torog enlisted the aid of mercenary assassins, known as Magebreakers, who set up an antimagic field to trap and kill the witch while she was out hunting.

While Rorc's sons were executed like dogs, and Adria's son by previous marriage had fled the region, Torog wanted Rorc's daughter Anika for himself, and so he forced her to marry him, though the arrangement was de facto slavery. Koruk established an alliance with the kingdom that allowed the orcs to keep their territory in the forests and hills, as a client state, so long as they abstained from attacking human lands, and they aided the crown in fighting the other orc and goblinoid tribes in the region. The unspoken custom was that this arrangement would last only as long as Koruk lived.

Torog died of old age when Dorn was still only 5 years old. Anika was then summoned before Koruk and forced to reaffirm her loyalty to him as chief, to protect her children from harm, effectively making her his personal slave. Secretly, however, Anika had been training with weapons, thinking only of the day that she would get a chance to kill Koruk and avenge her parents. That day came three years later. Anika butchered Koruk with a rock, then took his sword and slew all of the warriors who were loyal to him, as well as their wives and sons. Only the younger warriors who had not developed specific loyalties were spared, and those young men formed Anika's elite personal guard. Her practice of having sex with all of her bodyguards led to her being known among her detractors as The Whore Queen. However, at the time it was rather shrewd, as this turned the young strong warriors of the tribe into fiercely loyal attack dogs who would inhumanely butcher anyone who spoke ill of their queen.

Knowing that Koruk's death would mean the end of their alliance with the humans, the Whore Queen rallied the warriors from the surrounding tribes and launched a preemptive strike against the nearest border outpost, taking them by surprise and massacring everyone inside. Anika's military success made it even harder for anyone to oppose her rule, but many still remembered how she came to power, and what her father had done before her. Her reign lasted 9 years. By then, the practice of killing experienced warriors with differing opinions had started to take its toll on the effectiveness of her army, and the human knights easily beat the orcs back on all fronts, until they were scrambling to regroup in the forests. Sensing that morale was slipping and a mutiny was afoot, Anika ordered a sweeping purge of all male orcs older than 20. Those orders never got carried out, and that night, while enjoying the intimate company of three of her favourite studs, she was suddenly held down while armed warriors burst into her chamber and stabbed her to death, then cut her to pieces. Her head was later delivered to the local duke as part of a cease fire agreement.

On the night of the coup, six men had come to murder Karrna, and four had come after Dorn. Dorn, the smarter of the two children, had been paying attention to the writing on the wall. When things looked to be turning sour, he surprised his master and killed him by slitting his throat. He then booby trapped his tent, so that the warriors who came to kill him were instead entangled in a mess of ropes and snares. He rushed to his sister's aid, only to find her kicking ass rather handily. Her shirt had been torn while grappling with her attackers, and bare breasted she beat all six of them down with her sword, such that Dorn's hexing from afar merely helped her finished them off a bit faster. Dorn had learned how to conjure a horse for their escape, and the two siblings quickly mounted and took off into the night, along with an unexpected passenger that was the spider that once belonged to Dorn's master. In the battle in their tent, the spider's cage had gotten knocked over, and the spider instinctively scuttled into Dorn's pack. From then on, he and the spider maintained a complicated sort of relationship, and he has been bitten by the spider more times than he can remember, often while communing to prepare spells. Yet, the spider serves him loyally in all matters arcane and tactical.

Years passed, with the two having blended into the human world, inconspicuous among the numerous halfbreed mercenaries and beggars who wander through border towns looking for work. Karrna hired out her sword arm to merchants and loan sharks, while Dorn apprenticed to an older woman, a hedge wizard named Phlydia, who ran a shop selling charms and alchemical brews. Here, he was able to hone his magical skills and learn a few extra spells, while earning a living working in Phlydia's shop and procuring ingredients for her from the forest. This naturally led to a separation between the siblings, as Dorn was required to remain with the store where he worked, while Karrna often had to travel from place to place, guarding caravans or wealthy adventurers.

After a few years of working for Phlydia, and warming her bed on the side, Dorn was saddened to hear news of the old wizard's death on the road, the victim of a bandit attack. Phlydia's daughter, who had married a wealthy merchant and moved to the city, came back into town for the funeral, and to take ownership of the store. When she saw Dorn walking out with a satchel, she thought he was stealing something, and stopped him, insisting on looking inside the satchel. When a fist-sized spider popped out at her, she freaked and ran off screaming. Dorn expected she might come back with a bunch of men to beat him up, so he hastily left town on a conjured horse, as he had prepared a Mount spell that day, expecting to be leaving town. On the road, he ran into a cleric of Desna, who befriended him, and together they travelled to Sandpoint in search of adventure.

Well, she wanted adventure, he just didn't want to be alone...
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Re: Character Thread
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2014, 09:58:48 am »

Megion "Irontree" Clanless

After discovering her "immoral" relations with the residents of a nearby forest, Megion "Irontree" Clanless's future mother was exiled from the Dwarvin hold she had called her home. Unknown to both parties at the time, his mother already was carrying him in her. Leaving for the forest that was the reason she was exiled, she gave birth to Irontree in a forest cave she carved out. With the help of the Forest residents, she raised him for many years until Megion was an adolescent until one day she vanished while picking berries. Distraught over his mother's disappearance, Megion left the forest to search for her but to no avail, only learning that she was captured by something not of the forest and taken away. After her disappearance, the forest continued to raise Megion, teaching him to hunt with the hungry wolves, climb with the quick squirrels, fight with the mighty bears, and, once he became an adult, fuck with the horny Nymphs. The last of which earned him the name "Irontree", for his cock was hard as iron and thick as a tree.

His other reason for the name was because he loved digging into the earth with a passion the forest nor his mother could explain, and only the apex of sex was his joy greater then when he found a rich vein of ore.

While the forest did not understand his passion for digging, they did appreciate the irrigation ditches and tunnels he dug to bring water to the dryer spots of the forest and pull away water from the wet parts to came the forest grow.

During his occasional forays out of the forest to sell his ore, purchase things that the forest could not provide, and listen for any news of his mother, Megion "Irontree" found he had very wide tastes in women, especially for a dwarf. He would bed any women who wanted to, although some gnomes and Halfling found him a tight fit, but he didn't reject them. In fact the only race he would take to bed was other dwarves, most likely due to the fact that the only dwarf he had seen growing up was his mother.


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Re: Character Thread
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Keyra is from one of the many Shoanti tribes that live in Varisia. Like most of her people she lived a nomadic life, travelling with her family and clan from place to place, with no place to call home, not since the Chelaxian empire robbed her people of their land centuries ago. Keyra was a healty, strong girl, with more muscle power than her looks would suggest. She was constantly in fights with the young males of her clan, trying to prove she could be became a good warrior as they could, and even better. She did lost many figths, and she won as many, but all the time ending up pretty beaten up.
When she was 16 years old she decided her clan was too small for her, she wanted to live by her own, testing and honing her skills, finding adventure and treasure. So she met this old varisian warrior, Arthlan, an ex adventurer with lot of experience, she begged him to take her with him, and teach her all he know about figthting and adventuring. The warrior was reticent at first but he also see the potential of the young girl so in the end he decided to take her with him, at one condition: as payment for his teaching she should have given him the use of her body.
Keyra was shocked at first but she accepted, so the girl said boodbye to her family and started travelling with her new mentor. During the days Arthlan was a strict teacher, forcing her to train harder than she knew possible and beating her when she made mistakes. During the night he was a passionate lover, he was the one taking her virginity, and teaching her the joy of sex.
Two years pass and Arthlan decided the girl is now ready to face the world and live her own aventures, so he gave her his old sword and blessing and told her to go searching for glory and fortune. Keyra was sad to leave her mentor and lover, but also happy to start a new life, and eager to find the adventure she craved since she was a child.


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Re: Character Thread
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Azaquil's birth was not an easy one and it only became more so for her later. Being of fiendish blood only served to keep her from the other children growing up. No one would allow her anywhere need public places. Though no one openly said it, she was not to be kept with other children. This lead to her forsaking contact with others in favor of study. The martial world of her father intrigued her, and the spells of her Tiefling mother seemed natural. Overtime she became brilliant in both but still it counted for little as long as the church watched her every move with suspicion. Leaving Magnimar was a hard decision but after a rather lewd public speech by the local priest was aimed at her, Azaquil felt it best before more people began to turn.

But every place of study she could find was always lead in part by the church. And being part demon as she was, was not a good fit for any such school. Eventually she struck out on her own to learn from the world. Deciding that if people would not teach her, she would teach herself.