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Author Topic: Marking the Rebel (V x Murdok)  (Read 322 times)


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Re: Marking the Rebel (V x Murdok)
« Reply #30 on: July 27, 2017, 06:24:49 am »
When he turned and looked at her she felt her trembling arm still, that look, it was.. sexy. As soon as the thought crossed her mind she cringed, gross. No, this man was not sexy, he was not appealing and she wasn’t interested. How could she even think such things?

Well, it turns out it wasn’t because she chose to. As Catch explained in more detail what he had done she was beginning to understand but not without first becoming enraged at the idea. An unchecked outburst had her catapulting the gun in his direction. It was brash and completely pointless but the frustration she had for this damn animal was boiling over and she hated the idea that she wasn’t in control of her own fucking body.

“I’m not the abomination, you are!” Screaming as her fist clenched at her side. Val was used to being more composed but there was so much to process in this moment that the only thing she could do was let it out, it was the only thing she could release. Everything else was constant and despite her best effort she never got an ounce of relief from it. This anger however, she could very much vent it onto an all deserving jackass.

"... Will that be all?  Or have you come crawling sooner than I expected?"

Val wasn’t any where near done with him. “ I don’t give a shit what you say, I won’t be crawling back to you for anything.” Even in her rage she had managed to process his words and think beyond the emotion and that left her with some hope, sweet spiteful hope.

“ Somehow I doubt i’ll be the only one suffering from this and knowing that it’s a possibility that YOU could come crawling back to ME is worth every bit of this pain.”

A vindictive smirk spread across her lips before she turned to leave. Swallowing hard as the pain started to resurface with each departing step. Now she was done with him.


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Re: Marking the Rebel (V x Murdok)
« Reply #31 on: August 11, 2017, 04:00:36 am »
The thrown gun bounced off of Catch's back and clattered to the ground.  His gaze merely followed it, a contemplative look.  These guns the humans used. Such complex machines, surely built by genius minds... but for the sole purpose of killing.  It seemed like such a waste.

Most of her retort went ignored and unacknowledged.  But then he stopped and held a breath when she mentioned her theory about how it was affecting him as well.  ... Shit.  She was actually pretty clever for being just a savage. 

She turned to leave with nothing further to say, and actually... he was thankful for that.  Her proximity was a relief that he didn't want to get used to.  Not until he won their little -bet-, at least. 

- - -

A few more days went by, and Catch went back to being a hermit for a while again. Acting like he was plagued and unable to leave his room... a sad yet also funny act of exaggerated despair.  The pain and "off" feelings weren't anything completely unbearable.  It's just that Catch was of such hearty constitution that he barely had any idea of sickness was. If the man were to get a cold, it would be a first and he'd likely think he was dying. 

An overreaction to be sure. Much like burning down a house because one finds a bug in it. 

So with much coaxing from Aidan, after a few days Catch actually started happening about the village.  It didn't help how he felt in the slightest, but it was a distraction sometimes that helped pass the time faster rather than cooping himself up in his home. 

Even in his own village with his own people... Catch was actually a bit of an outsider.  He didn't fit in, oddly enough.  Not in any sort of bad way, but Catch was more "revered" than he was "accepted".  Revered much more so than even their own alpha.  Some distanced themselves out of fear, others out of respect.  To most, he was treated and distanced like a sort of idol. At the most extreme, some averted and kept their distance like he was some sort of god.  Catch was seldom talked about within the village as any sort of "inclusion".  He was more of a "need".  Like a powerful weapon that needed to be used occasionally, or an ancient and influential script that was consulted rarely. 

As such, his merely going about the village participating in everyday activities caused quite a stir.  Catch was usually known to be one who kept to himself, staying in his own abode and keeping to his own business like some sort of revered Buddha until needed

He had never given it much thought.  But that infliction of severe desire for another that he had brought upon himself... it sort of made him realize for the first time what a "lonely" existence he led here.  It wasn't that he was secluded or anything... it's merely how his own pack treated him.  Not badly by any means. They treated him great but... it was always out of reverence and seemingly to keep him at a distance. 

And now, with the elder that Val had killed gone... that meant that there were only TWO in this pack who actually treated him like one of them.  Aidan, of course.  And- 

"Master Hermit, what a rarity to see you out~" 

Yeah, her: Hana.  Easily one of the village's most beloved.  A wonderful and charismatic lady.  A heavyset young lady of Mongolian descent.  Most easily identified by a burnt portion of her face from an accident that never healed completely.  By human standards, the woman would be physically unappealing.  But the Truebreeds found her beautiful and nearly every male wanted her as their mate.  Truebreeds care nothing about the "shell" of their packmates.  It's their nature and instinct that reflect any sort of beauty to them.  Hana was young, but a very kindred and motherly soul.  A caretaker in a pack where such a nature was incredibly rare.  ... And she was very much beloved and highly respected for it.  In addition, she was incredibly wise and knew much about nurturing and guiding others.  She was simply... someone everyone wanted in their household.  There was constant talk about how she would DEFINITELY be the alpha's mate, even more so than any of the elders, if he weren't already happily and faithfully mated.   

She herself had turned down many a potential mate, likewise elders among them.  For she had only ever had eyes for one. ... And she stood before him now, one of the only who treated him as one of them and not putting him on some sort of grand pedestal. 

... And Catch's admiration for her spoke loudly in his reaction to her.  A soft but very rare and genuine smile that he really only seemed to have for her and Aidan.  Whenever she was around, she made the ever-alert champion of the Truebreeds feel... at ease.  Calm.  Even now, just a few words had made him feel just the slightest bit more settled when nothing else had worked. 

"Ms. Hana," he said in greeting.  "I didn't know you had made it back." 

The fact of the matter was that Catch and Hana WOULD have been mated by now if not for the fact that Hana had to be gone from the village so often.  She was by far the nicest and most personable of all the Truebreeds.  Thus most of the "diplomatic" exchanges that happened between the Truebreeds and the other packs were done by Hana.  As such, she was gone most of the time.  And becoming someone's mate in the Truebreeds involved either settling down or doing all of the traveling with your mate. 

And unfortunately, Hana wasn't at the point that she could be on someone elses' schedule yet. Not even the champion's. 

"Just made it in, actually. Going to be around for a couple of days... if you want some company," she gave a bit of a knowing smile. 

"Always," Catch's immediate response. 

... Not being mated yet didn't mean that they didn't still fuck like rabbits when they were both around. 

Hana tilted her head, a "come hither~" motion to Catch.  "Well, first thing's first, though.  I've been making a quilt and I might actually have time to finish it.  I need to go buy some cloth, so come help me pick it out, yeah?" 

Catch merely smiled and nodded, quietly following along with her.  It would do good to enjoy this bit of time before they went back to her place.  ... Where he would inevitably have to tell her about the latest development.  Not that she would be upset or consider it any sort of betrayal on his part.  She had always known that being with one of such station as Catch would be different and come with more complications than if she had simply chosen someone else as her mate.   


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Re: Marking the Rebel (V x Murdok)
« Reply #32 on: August 12, 2017, 09:22:03 pm »
Val had sped home that night, her rage still keeping her on a high that prevented her from suffering the ache that accompanied being away from him. She was not going to be one of them and she sure as shit wasn’t going to crawl back to him for a damn thing.

When she arrived back at the factory the place was silent with only those currently on guard duty awake. Well almost. Luka was waiting for her in their room when she arrived. He didn’t look very happy and Val did her best to ignore him but he wasn’t having it.

“I told you to be back before nightfall” He scorned her as she undressed herself and moved to the shower. “Why do you look like you’ve been crawling in the woods?” His bitter tone was like whips lashing out at her. She hadn’t wanted to piss him off but the night got away from her.

“ I ran into trouble. There was a bear.” Almost the full truth. Enough that he would hopefully let this go.

“A bear?! What were you doing in the woods in the first place?” Luka slipped out of bed, moving into the bathroom. Annoyance and worry etched across his features.

“I thought I saw a lone wolf… was going to kill it.” Her voice was steady and neutral as her woman hood tensed at the mention of wolf, which brought images of Catch to her mind.

Luka snatched her wrist in his hand. “Don’t be stupid Val. Just because you survived killing three wolves alone in the last raid doesn't mean you’ll be so lucky next time.” His grip caused her to wince, not solely because his vice was tight but simply because it was him.

Val could see the anger in his eyes and knew that arguing with him now would only make it worse.

Pulling from his grasp she nodded. “ I got it alright. Now can I finish showering” She knew he was more worried under that tough exterior than he let on. Like her, he didn’t express himself very well. Both were equally hot headed and stubborn and man did they have some crazy nights.

Luka left without a word and by the time she finished he was asleep. What a night.


Over the next few days things seemed to be back to normal. Val was busy strategizing and keeping her people busy with various scouting missions and supply runs. Publically she was the leader they knew but behind closed doors she was losing it.

The pain was only one aspect of the curse but it was one that she was mentally winning against. She could feed off of pain if she knew that it would bring her some pleasure and knowing that Catch was likely in the same boat was all the pleasure she needed. She embraced the waves of discomfort that came with touching other men, she had even managed to show Luka a bit of affection without losing it the way she had the first night.

The hard part however was the damn desires. Constantly seeing Catches face in the crowd or picturing him nearby. Her body grew wet with arousal at the mere thought of him. Her loins burned and wept for satisfaction. She had even dreamt of him doing… unspeakable things to her. It was repulsive. He was a dirty flea bag who she wanted nothing more than to kill but the rest of her wanted something different entirely.

Val had found masterbating to be a quick relief that would trick her body for a short time before she had to do it again. What had once been a satisfying moment was now hollow, she touched herself out of need rather than want. Brining a diluted pleasure that would only suffice for a few hours before she would have to repeat.

One day she decided that she wanted to test her theory. She wanted to know if Catch really was suffering like she was and the only way to do that was to spy on him. At least that’s what she told herself. It had nothing to do with the fact that her body was itching to be near him again, that he was calling to her from miles away.

Having sent Luka on an earlier errand, she knew she could leave without anyone questioning her. Val sprayed herself down with a chemical compound they had learned hid human scent. She would need it if she was going to go anywhere near their village without being discovered.

Leaving a note for Luka that simply said ‘Don’t wait up’ before she headed out.

About an hour later Val parked her car at the gas station she remembered seeing the night everything changed. Crossing the street she headed into the woods with only a pair of binoculars. If she was caught trespassing she didn’t want to be found with a weapon. The mark on her neck could be used to her advantage if she crossed any rogue lycans path or even those of the truebreeds. It meant she belonged to someone and to harm her was to harm the pack she belonged to. At least that's how they would see it. So she knew she didn’t need the gun for this mission.

It took another hour or two before she could see the village in the distance. All the while Val had made sure to keep herself downwind as she traveled, better safe than sorry. The sun was nearing the horizon and there was only about an hour of sunlight left. She would have to move quickly if she hoped to find him while there was still daylight.

The first place she checked out was the tree where they fought. Nothing.

Now she had begun to move around the village, keeping a healthy distance as she spied through her binoculars on the village. Her next location seemed to be a market place. Her movements were swift as she panned across the many bobbing heads and while normally she might have missed her target, this time she didn’t.

Instantly she froze as he popped into her sights. Her heart skipped and the mark on her neck flared. If not for her body screaming at her to move forward she might have thought she was just seeing his face like all the times before. This time however it was real, it was him.

At first she was captivated by his powerful amber eyes, the long hard lines of his jaw and smile that danced on his luscious lips. That smile… she hadn’t seen him smile before…

Slowly she realized why he was smiling. Dark emeralds peered at the woman that stood before him, she wasn’t anything to look at… so why was he smiling at her like that. They didn’t look like they could be siblings….

Val watched as the woman ran a hand down Catch’s arm, said something, then grinned. Only there was something in the way she looked at him… and how he looked at her. It made a knott arise in Val’s stomach and she found herself moving closer to the edge of the village.

She wanted to stop, it didn’t matter who this woman was or what her relationship with Catch was. Val didn’t care… or at least she didn’t want to care. Her body didn’t listen, it was moving in closer, occasionally stopping to peer through the binoculars one more time.

‘Just turn around….you don’t care… you don’t care…’

Mentally trying to change her body's reaction to the situation with every step. The mark burned, seering as though it had just been placed on her for the first time. It demanded Catch, demanded that the mating be finalized. Val refused.


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Re: Marking the Rebel (V x Murdok)
« Reply #33 on: August 14, 2017, 04:43:31 am »
Today just... wasn't like other days.  Even given the recent situation, it just wasn't on par.  Something was off, different.  Normally, Hana's presence was entirely calming.  One that made him feel relaxed and at ease like nothing else. She made him feel protected, which was a definite irony given his station, but it was true. 

But the longer the day went... the more he felt uneasy. On edge. Anxious. Like he knew someone was watching him, but having absolutely no reason to think so.  It was confusing.  And more than anything: frustrating.  Because he wanted today of all days to be a good one.  The general air was that everywhere the couple went, EVERYONE wanted him to have a good day. They knew very well the state that their champion was in, and they were happy that Hana was here to help him through it.  Catch was probably the only one who DIDN'T know that Hana had actually been called in for him.  And no one would say different, knowing that it would be a sting to the man's pride. 

But no. He was pleased that Hana was here, but he was NOT having a good day.  The distance from the one he had marked was seeing to that personally... and now her teasingly closer proximity.  She was doing well to keep herself at a distance and unaware, but she was distancing herself JUST enough for Catch to subconsciously be aware of her... and if he were a proximity mine, he'd be detonating right now. 

"Dearest friend," Hana finally observed as they walked down the street, her lips pursed in concern and sympathy.  "I know you're not faring well.  Aidan explained what you did. I don't hold it against you in the slightest, honorable man. I just so wish I could share your burden, or do something to help." 

She hung her head, true sincerity in her words and demeanor.  Of course she was naturally a little jealous.  They were ALL but official mates, and now she had to share him. Or at worst, give him up completely.  But she understood the judgment and sentence he had passed, the reasoning and logic.  And she loved him for his honor.  The more she thought and dwelt on it, the more she realized it would be unlike the man she had grown to if he had NOT done what he had.  Catch cared for his clan, maybe not so much with words and associations, but with his actions.  And he would be their protector, their champion. Or now their martyr. 

Her musing was halted when she felt a hand on her back. Catch's hand.  Uncertain and a little awkward, but that's what she expected from him.  It was such a simple little gesture, but she knew it was affection the best Catch knew how to show like this.  And so she smiled, feeling his appreciation through the simple touch. 

"Perhaps you could.  ... Postpone the blanket crafting for a while." 

She gave a wry smile and nodded.  And that was all the go-ahead he needed to take charge. He looked around for... a house.  No specific house, just a house.  Any would do, especially now with that burning in his gut growing.  He felt an urgent need to quench it now, not after errand running. Not minutes from now back at Hana's home.  Now

As such, he went up to a door, seemingly chosen at random, and rapped on the door.  Hana tagged along behind him, trying her best to look... something, she wasn't sure what.  Modest?  Unassuming?  Appreciative?  Catch didn't often exert his power or position as the unofficial alpha... but when he chose to it was so sudden and blunt and apologetic.  Yet so natural, like he was unaware that he was exerting himself over anyone. 

A middle aged man and woman opened the door.  Definitely packmates like everyone else in this village, but not anyone Catch knew especially well.  Or by name. 

The man looked surprised as he ushered his mate out of the way and immediately motioned Catch inside.  "Ah, Catch.  Come in, come in~" he welcomed.  But he didn't so much get moved aside before Catch was making his way in like he owned the place.  Not rudely just... curtly.  It was an assumed unspoken understanding in the village.  Catch was a guardian and champion of the pack. In return, he had as much free reign as Aidan did.  It was just such a surprise when Catch took advantage of that unspoken agreement, as he was so apt to keep to himself. 

"Evening," he said, his only cordial greeting.  He nodded to the female as well, then addressed either of them.  He looked around, sort of impatiently.  "What room is your bed in?" 

As soon as the older woman pointed the direction, Catch was making his way toward said room... removing his clothes as he went.  Hana gave a... sheepish?... apologetic?... appreciative smile and nod to the couple.  "Excuse us, and thank you." 

To which the couple nodded back, their own genial expressions confirming their understanding.  They had no experience of such, but it was easy to imagine that it could sometimes be awkward being the unofficial Alpha's chosen until one got used to it.  And everyone knew it wasn't always a walk in the park. 

"Hana."  Catch called/beckoned from the bedroom, trying not to sound completely demanding... but failing regardless.  And that put a skip in Hana's step as she waved to the older man and woman, chuckling a little.  "Right behind."

Yeah.  Catch had an itch that he had been desperately needing to scratch for some time. And apparently he was going to do it now.       


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Re: Marking the Rebel (V x Murdok)
« Reply #34 on: August 14, 2017, 05:35:15 am »
He was drawing her in like a moth to the flame, an intrigue that couldn’t be rationalized. The fire would burn away her wings, send her tumbling to the ground where she would forever be flightless and yet still she advanced.

The sound of the marketplace shifted from a jumbled buzz of commotion to more distinct conversations as she came to the back of a building on the edge. Keeping low and peering just enough past the corner that she could see the two as they paused at a stall on the far side of the street.

Val could feel her heart thump against her chest as she saw him, he looked conflicted and yet so damn sexy. Her hand had reached out a few inches before she snapped out of his and withdrew it. Cursing his name as she exhaled raggedly. Her body was crawling and itching, it wanted to be touched and needed something that she vowed to never give it, him

Annoyed and frustrated she punched the ground at her feet, the faint pain helped to clear away the foreign thoughts and focus on why she was here. She needed to know if he was in a similar state to her own restless agony.

With an exhale she peeked back around and saw the two moving towards the next house over. Once they were gone she shuffled over to the next building and moved all the way to the far end but she didn’t see the two any more. Furrowed brows had her wondering where they had went when she began to hear words exchanged within the house against her back. Even though she couldn’t make out the words, somehow she knew it was him. Her body quivered as his welcomed voice washed over her.

While she didn’t enjoy the fact that his voice made her feel better, she wasn’t going to pretend it didn’t happen. She would take this pleasure because it may give her the advantage she needed to outlast him. He was elevating her pain but she wasn’t doing the same for him. It was perfect.

Hoping to hear him more clearly Val began to move to a nearby window. If she could keep this up then perhaps her future wasn’t looking so grim. He would come crawling back to her and she would keep him as a pet. Her suffering would end and no one would ever know what really happened. Smirking as she closed her eyes. It was a wonderful vision.


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Re: Marking the Rebel (V x Murdok)
« Reply #35 on: August 14, 2017, 06:25:52 am »
Val would have just barely been missed getting hit with the chipped-paint wooden window she was listening near as it was opened faster than intended.  She would hear Hana's laughter first. 

"Easy! Don't make me break someone's house. We're-" 

Hana braced herself against the window to rebalance herself... and then paused for just a moment as she saw Val below.  She gave a sheepish "can't be helped" smile to her and gave her a wave... probably a bit awkward for Val since Hana was very much undressed at this point.  Not really awkward for a Truebreed, and thus was what Hana assumed.  Just a new face that she didn't recognize.  And a new... scent.  Wait.  There... wasn't a scent?  Or at least a very faint one?  What wa-

She didn't get to think much more about Val's lack of scent or say anything to her, as the woman lurched a bit further against the window, apparently pushed from behind. 

"Catch, hold on. There's an-uhhnn" 

Hana had to completely brace herself on the windowframe and Val was clear to see the whole thing from being just right there at it.  She would hear the bed squeaking inside as someone was definitely moving around and positioning behind the burnt girl.  Hana looked back at Val, puzzled... but the moment didn't last long at all as her face contorted, a strained but welcoming pain in her expression.  Her eyes squint shut and her teeth clenched as she let out a hiss and pained groan from the sudden... whatever the hell Catch was back there doing to her.  It would be left to Val's imagination as she couldn't see Catch from here and he couldn't see her. 

The girl grunted and folded her arms on the windowsill, letting her head fall onto them, not able to hold it up right now.  And suddenly the girl outside the window almost in arm's reach was a distant and lost memory. 

Val would then be assaulted by a violent serenade of grunts and groans and gasps.  Slaps of skin against skin, a bed squeaking loudly inside, and the sound of Hana's shoulders thumping against the windowframe as she practically hung out of it, getting nudged harshly against it with every sudden action going on behind her. 

And if Val was having ANY trouble getting in her mind's eye what was going on, Hana yelped and grit her teeth as Catch's large hand reached outside the window, taking hold of her hair and pulling her head up... leaving her partway in the window, part inside the house.  Neither with any care at this point about what sort of exhibition they might be putting on for anyone. 

But in a village of Truebreeds... such a thing that Val probably found quite audacious wasn't really anything to blink at to anyone else.  An occasional passerby might occasionally happen around and spare a glance... only to smirk or give a chuckle.  Their champion giving poor loveable Hana utter hell... and the unassuming girl eating it up~


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Re: Marking the Rebel (V x Murdok)
« Reply #36 on: August 15, 2017, 03:45:16 am »
She had froze when the window shot open, her initial thoughts were that he had discovered her presence and was about to call her out on it. However what popped out of the window was not at all what she had expected.

Seeing the stark naked woman bracing against the frame had a hint of color flushing Val’s cheeks, perhaps even more so when the woman saw her and waved. What the fuck? Why would she wave at her?

There wasn’t much time to dwell on that thought as the moment quickly led to sounds that caused her skin to crawl. The moans and grunts of the couple was like nails dragging across a chalk board. It felt as though they were deafeningly loud. They truly were a bunch of animals. They lived like savages, fought like savages and fucked like savages. It was appalling and yet she couldn’t help but grow aroused. Shameful thoughts of Catch doing the same things to her had a fire lighting in her sex.

Equally though she was feeling enraged. Pissed that he wasn’t suffering the way she was. He could touch another without feeling sick to his stomach. The fact that he could even get his cock anywhere near another woman when she couldn’t indulge in any pleasure, even those she tried to give herself.

That and he was with another woman…

No, that didn’t matter. She wasn’t pissed about that, she couldn’t be pissed about that. Besides, the woman wasn’t even that attractive, somehow that made her feel better about the whole thing even though she hated the idea of caring at all.

It was only when the the woman's head was pulled back that Val was able to snap out of her conflicting emotions. Shaking her head she forced her body to move, to run down the side of the building away from the window before she cut towards the woods in the direction she had come from.

She didn’t make it far however, sure she was out of sight but she had quickly dipped behind the first tree she reached and quickly unfastened her pants. Her body was on fire, covered in a soft sheen of sweat as she lowered to the ground. An unsteady hand quickly found her soaked slit, dipping two fingers inside before she began to furiously work herself up to an orgasim. Her moans were soft and muffled, not wanting to draw any unwanted attention.

Val just needed to alleviate herself. Being that close to him, seeing how he fucked… it was too much. Her body was in heat and it wasn’t going anywhere until it was satisfied. Only it would never fully be satisfied.