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Author Topic: Arab Husband Looking for Adventurous Wife (M4F)- IM Only  (Read 158 times)


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Arab Husband Looking for Adventurous Wife (M4F)- IM Only
« on: December 07, 2017, 09:54:08 am »
An Arab husband living in the West. Over twenty years living there, he had come to question his conservative upbringing. He could be married to a fellow arab or a western woman (probably the later?). The character is for interracial play mainly, so even if the wife is arab she would be with other races too. The Arab husband has slowly been questioning the conservative life he (they?) have been living, especially the sexual aspect and now starts to display more exhibitionist streaks with his wife joining in to seduce others. How far will they go?

Potential scenes:

1. Religious play: Maybe his suppressed religious fetish finally bursts. Will his wife agree to wearing the cross on her cleavage during sex? Maybe display it on her cleavage when they are out and around his fellow Muslim friends?

2. Exhibitionism: He is the jealous type, but can't help feeling aroused when he notices his friends are stealing glimpses at his wife. Maybe she offers something their wives can't?

3. Dream come true: Maybe his wife is the object of desire of someone who would never have dreamt of touching her. His employee? A close friend or relative? Would he enjoy making them squirm using her? Would she play along? How far?

4. Non con: Whether it is home invasion or being stopped by cops. Watching his wife (family) taken infront of him goes against all his conservative values. Why is he aroused then?

5. Tables turned scenario: They think they are in control of the teasing, but once the target loses control of himself, the tables are turned.

6. Some humiliation: Snowed in cabin where the wife is the only female along with her husband and his male friends whose wives have been delayed by the storm. Would they control and dominate the couple?

7. Your own ideas :)

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